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Auto manufacturers are adding lots of tools to their cars which are designed to make it easier for motorists to interact with technology while driving. Often called infotainment systems, these in-vehicle systems let motorists talk to their cars and use their cell phones hands-free. The hope is that these systems will reduce the number of drivers who are looking at and holding their phone while driving, or who are looking at and entering data into GPS devices while driving.

Unfortunately, there is some evidence to suggest that these in-car tech tools aren’t helping and are actually hurting efforts to bring down distracted driving accident rates. Most troubling has been the major increase in car accidents.

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National Highway Traffic Safety

Administration recently released two part guidelines related to in-car technologies like infotainment systems. The guidelines were intended to address the safety of these systems and the anti-distraction features which can be implemented. Part I of the guidelines addressed the built in systems in cars and Part II addressed integration of aftermarket electronic devices. The hope is that by making these systems work in a way that is focused on safety, crashes due to technology can start to decline.

Something clearly needs to be done to reduce the number of car accidents occurring due to distracted driving. New York Times indicates a 10.4 percent rise in car accident deaths in the first six months of 2016, compared with the first six months of 2015. With a total of 17,775 people dying in car accidents between January to June of 2016, this was the biggest year-to-year jump in deaths in the past 50 years. Tech is a big reason why this happened, as National Safety Council estimates about 26 percent of all car accidents today involve drivers using phones.

Unfortunately, the idea that in-vehicle infotainment system is going to solve this problem is likely a flawed idea. These hands-free systems may allow drivers to keep their hands on the wheel but they don’t actually stop drivers from being distracted. A driver who is on the phone could miss as much as 50 percent of what is going on around him, significantly increasing crash risks- even if his hands are on the wheel. The brain simply is not able to multitask, so information gets lost when a driver is focused on his phone call. Further, as the president of the National Safety Council warned, these in-car tech systems may actually be encouraging motorists to interact even more with their phones.

No amount of distraction is safe for drivers, and the only way to help bring down the death rate in car accidents, rather than the number of fatalities continuing to rise, is for drivers to stop using their phones and actually pay attention to the road. If a driver fails in that, the driver must be held accountable for the tragic consequences of his actions.

Trucking Accidents In PA: All Too Common

Truck Accidents in Pennsylvania

Commercial trucks are often called as heavy transport vehicles, tractors trailers, big rigs, and 18-wheelers. These heavy duty vehicles on the road play a major role in the economy of the United States, particularly in transporting goods all over the national highway system. These trucks also share the roads of Pennsylvania with other smaller transports like cars where accidents can occur anytime.

The mandated legal weight limit for commercial type vehicles like trucks is approximately 80,000 pounds which are 16 times heavier than an average size transport vehicle. The trucks’ length does vary with the average length of over 70 feet.

When these heavy transport vehicles become involved in road accidents, the aftermath could be horrifying and at times leading to loss of lives or serious physical injuries according to car accident lawyer in Philadelphia.

Truck Crash Statistics at Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania ranked sixth based on state population with over 12,742,866 from the 2011 U.S. census report.  Pennsylvania is also 6th in ranking when it comes to traffic related deaths according to the 2010 survey. In fact, the truck accidents totaled to 5,846 in the state of Pennsylvania in 2010, with 145 fatal. In 2011, 6,346 truck accidents were reported in this state with 145 deaths. This is indeed a 7.9% increase in truck crashes in the state which is alarming. Based on the gathered data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, most of the fatalities involved trucks with 97%.

Truck Safety in Pennsylvania

According to the Pennsylvania Truck Association, the trucking industry here is the fourth largest employer with an estimated 418,260 employees. The trucks transport in and out of the state an average of 1.2 million tons of freight per business daily operation.  Based on the Highway Report card surveys, the roads of Pennsylvania is among those with worst roads in America, plus the fact that this state has the two dangerous intersections; the Red-Lion Road and Roosevelt Boulevard and the Grant Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Pennsylvania

Among the reported common causes that led to trucks to serious accidents while on the road are:

  • Fatigue due to long hours of driving
  • Speeding
  • Aggressive driving (tailgating)
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Use of mobile phones while driving
  • Not checking the road worthiness of the truck like malfunction brakes or worn out tires

What to do if you have become a victim of a truck accident that led to your serious injury or loss of a loved one?

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