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Head injuries are among the serious injuries that could affect anyone. Unlike other physical injuries, the healing process of a person who had head or brain trauma may take longer. There are times when the patient may appear fine just like before the accident, but the impact on his or her wellbeing won’t be the same. In some instances, the wound could affect the patient’s normal function. That’s why family members must find a reputable Philly head injuries attorney to handle this wound case.

What are the effects of a head wound?

When you or a loved one suffered a severe head wound, both the mental and emotional functioning ability can be greatly affected. The side effects can be truly devastating, to the victim because the quality of life may not resume to normal in any aspect, whether it is work, relationship, or school.

Types of head and brain injuries

According to Philadelphia head trauma lawyers, there are various types of head and brain injuries, ranging from severe to serious conditions

  • Open head trauma

This type of trauma is a visible assault to the head and the damage may affect a particular spot of the brain.

  • Closed trauma

The damage is more concentrated in many parts of the brain and may leave the victim unconscious after the incident.

  • Coma

Coma is a serious case of the brain and is the aftermath of a prolonged state of unconsciousness of the victim.

  • Mild brain trauma

Mild brain trauma may not leave the victim unconscious but may experience the feeling of dizziness or a confused state. Individuals who have been diagnosed with mild brain injuries may show signs similar to those who survived a coma brain trauma. Among other side effects that a victim of mild brain trauma may complain about are chronic headaches, inability to focus while performing simple chores, and poor memory (state of forgetfulness).

What Compensation Can You Get From A Head Injury Case?

Suffering from serious trauma after an accident may need the expertise of a trauma attorney because the condition of a victim may worsen over time and may need long-term treatment and medications. The hired legal Philadelphia head injury law firms advisers must have the relevant experience and knowledge in this area to ensure the victim will receive the maximum compensation.

Are you or a loved one suffered a serious case of traumatic brain wound in Philadelphia or within the areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey? If yes, and wish to learn more about legalities for this type of case, contact Philadelphia Injury Lawyers to evaluate your brain trauma case. You don’t have to suffer alone or face the long-term effects of this trauma without getting the right compensation that will allow you to live comfortably. Let an experienced law firm in Philadelphia defend your case and bring justice to the amount of pain and suffering you acquired after the trauma.

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