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Brain injury and/or trauma can have lasting impacts on the victim and their families. The onset of a brain injury or head trauma may result in losses in the victim’s cognitive ability, mental capacity, lost memory, and even serious changes in their personality. Aside from these injuries, the victim’s loved ones must deal with the changes and impairment for a lifetime.

Find compensation after a head brain trauma

If you or a loved one suffered serious head trauma after an accident and would like to know the maximum compensation to claim in Philadelphia, any of brain injury lawyers in the Philadelphia firm can be of great assistance and enlightenment to this case. Such trauma can bring the family into a huge financial crisis as expenses covering medications and therapies could rise over time. It can even be a lifelong financial strain as the victim of such trauma has to deal with permanent medical conditions.

Having a knowledgeable Philadelphia brain/head injuries legal representative firm is your best defense at the moment so that you can be properly guided on what you should do next in order to protect your rights as a victim.

What is a brain injury/trauma?

Brain/head trauma could be in the form of the following conditions:
  • Concussion
This is often due to a blow or bumps to the head. A concussion happens when the brain twists inside the skull, resulting in chemical changes and/or in some incidents cause brain/head cell damage.
  • Contusion
Bruising or any sign of bleeding on the brain/head is a severe case of head trauma, referred to as “contusion”.
  • Coup-contrecoup
This type of brain/head trauma happens when the brain/head collides with the back of the skull and the impact leads to contusions.
  • Diffuse axonal injury/trauma
It’s often caused by forceful rotation or shaking. Here the brain moves slower than the skull where the nerve tissues are torn throughout the brain.

Traumatic brain injuries

Any bump hit or impact could result in traumatic head injury/trauma such as jolts where the brain is forced to move around inside the skull.
  • Closed brain/head injuries
These types of traumatic injuries arise in car accidents. The trauma leads to damage to the inter-brain/head tissue and it can be crucial because the complications could be long-term.
  • Open (penetrative) interbrain injuries
Open brain/head injuries happen when foreign objects penetrate the skull, then, to the brain and the effect could damage the specific regions of neural tissue. Open head trauma could eventually result in predictable types of cognitive and functional impairment to the victim.

How to file a brain injury/trauma lawsuit?

Filing such a trauma lawsuit can be really complicated. An experienced injury lawyer in Philadelphia firms could provide you with legal advice on the evidence needed to prove there is negligence of duties commonly called “duties of care”. If your inter-brain trauma was due to another person’s negligence you have every right to seek compensation.

Can maximum compensation be granted from a brain injury lawsuit?

If you or a loved one has suffered traumatic inter-brain trauma that resulted in permanent disability, a top-performing personal injury attorney Philadelphia can help you recover maximum compensation. Set an appointment now and have your case evaluated by Philadelphia injury attorneys who are experts in head trauma.

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