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What to Do Right After a Car Accident in Philadelphia

Car accidents can be very dangerous and scary for anyone involved. An accident can occur at any moment due to your carelessness or that of another driver. Car accidents can cause permanent injury to you or make you disabled, even death is also common in a car accident. If unfortunately, a car accident in Philadelphia occurs, there are some simple steps you can take in the to mitigate the situation as provided below:


Firstly, when the car accident occurs, the first measure you should take is to move away from the car from the traffic flow area and keep the car on the side of the road. If the condition of the car is that it is not movable, then blink your safety light and look for help. Call 911 for seeking help emergency from the police. If there is a severe injury, quickly ask for medical treatment and rescue.

Record Important Information and Accident Details

Secondly, after rescuing work be sure to write down in details what happened. Take some necessary pictures instantly as evidence. Collect the name, addresses, contact numbers of the drivers those who are involved in the occurrence. Keep the information of the cars like a license plate number, color, etc. that are crashed. Also, keep the contact information of the witnesses who saw the accident happen.

Inform the Police

A police investigation is vital in this case. The specialist officers are experts and trained in this situation so they can handle it well. Give the initially collected information to the Philadelphia police. They will also observe the situation and interrogate the witnesses to identify the actual event. The police report is crucial for an insurance claim. Also make sure to a file report at the nearest police station as soon as possible.

Don’t Agree to Any Mutual Solution Before Contacting a Philly Car Accident Lawyer

It is seen that after most of the accident the drivers or the people try to do a mutual solution between them. This step is wrong. Don’t do that. Before any settlement and to get your deserved insurance money you have to consult an experienced and expert Philadelphia car accident attorneys firms who can sort this case out. Do not sign any agreement whatsoever after the accident.

Don’t accept any insurance company’s settlement offer

Insurance companies will try to fool you by offering exciting settlement offers. Don’t fall into this trap. It is not in your best interest. It’s their policy to settle the accident case in a lesser value than its worth. As a result, you will not get your deserved insurance money. Consult an expert Philadelphia car accident lawyer before going to any conclusion with the insurance company and signing any agreement with them.
Lastly, be safe while driving. But if any accident occurs with you take the steps mentioned above to control the initial situations. If you do not follow the steps there might be seen some unexpected situation and financial hardship.

What Injuries Happen Frequently in Car Accidents

Car accidents cause many bad injuries to vital parts of a human body. It can make a human body disabled by injuring in one or more than one vital parts of the body. In statistics, it shows that every year many fatal accidents happen in the United States which injure a lot of people. It also causes the death of many people. In Philly, such accidents are frequently seen.

Due to a vehicle crash, there are different types of damage or injuries frequently happen to the people. The injuries might be severe or mild. The type of injuries that happen to the people due to a such crash in Philadelphia that are given below.

Brain Injury

When a such crash happens, the driver or the passenger may get hit severely on the head. Due to the massive hit on the head, he may get internal hemorrhage in the brain which causes fatal brain injury.

Spinal Cord Injury

In a auto crash, the victims may get hit in their spinal cord, which may make him disabled for life.

Knee Injury

A vehicle crash may cause fatal knee injury which may take away the ability to walk for life from the victim.

Broken Bones

The victim of the vehicle crash may get severe hit in different parts of the body which cause a break of bones and dislocation of the shoulder or other areas of the body.

Fatal Burn of Skin

Due to a car accident, the vehicle may catch fire which causes a serious burn of the skin of the victim.

This type of accidents frequently happens due to an auto crash.

Why and When Do You Need a Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney

After an auto crash takes place, the initial steps should be taken to rescue the victims. Then the police should be notified to investigate the case. The police will collect all the evidence and handle all the things related to the accident.

But to get the compensation for the loss and the fair and deserved money from the insurance company, you need expert advice from a reputable law firm. You can’t handle them single-handedly. The insurance companies try to resolve the condition in less value than its worth. As a result, you will not get the proper compensation for loss of the auto crash from the insurance company.

Why Need a Car Accident Lawyer

  •  Expertise Advice
    If an auto accident happens, you can get injured mildly or permanently which will create a lot of medical bills. If you are a victim to due to another driver’s negligence, you have the right to get compensation for your personal injuries. For this reason, you need an expert Philadelphia car accident lawyers suggestion to know how you can proceed in this case.
  • File a Case
    The Philadelphia car accident lawyer will help you to submit a case against the guilty driver to give you the justice and compensation.
  • Get the Proper Compensation
    An expert car accident in lawyer Philadelphia will gather enough evidence for you to present it in the court to give you the right compensation for your injuries that you deserve.
  • Get the Proper Insurance
    Insurance companies may try to trick you to resolve the case for a lesser amount than its worth. If you agree with them, you will not get the insurance money you deserve. Philadelphia car accident lawyers will help you win this case.

Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

  1. To Support the Case
    You need car accident attorneys Philadelphia to support you in the court and gather proper evidence.
  2. To Deal with the Insurance company
    Without an experienced and expert lawyer, you will not be able to deal with the insurance companies.

So, this is why you need an expert lawyer in auto accident case.

Why Should You Choose Philadelphia Injury Lawyers?

In Philadelphia, auto accidents happen every day due to some unexpected errors or the carelessness of the drivers. Many people get injured due to this accident. They also get harmed financially due to the auto crash. To cope with the situation of the accident and for getting the proper compensation for your losses, you need an expert opinion.

To give you this support, the Philadelphia injury lawyers are very much active to help you in this case. If you are a victim of a vehicle crash and looking for an expert lawyer, any car accident attorney in Philadelphia is highly recommended for you. Philadelphia Injury Lawyers will give you the every possible support and advice to help you to proceed in the case of vehicle crash. They will help you to open a case against the guilty drivers who caused the accident. They will collect the evidence to support you in court. They will also help you to deal with the insurance company to give you the proper compensation that you deserve from them. If you don’t hire any expert lawyer in case of handling the insurance company, you will not be able to get the proper compensation that you deserve after the accident. Lawyers will deal with them in a legal and systematic way to give you the proper compensation and the expenses of the hospitals from them.

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If you are a resident of Philadelphia and a victim of a vehicle crash, you need a highly experienced attorney in this case. To meet up your need, there is a specialist staff under Michael Boland in Philadelphia. We can help you in the event of any vehicle crash. You can keep trust on us. We will help you to get your compensation from the guilty driver. Besides, we give you the guarantee to deal with the insurance company to have your proper compensation and medical expenses from them after the accident.

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