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Medical professionals and healthcare providers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey have legal responsibilities of providing quality care and treatments among their patients and yet, some patients still experience clinical malpractice or commonly referred as “medical negligence”.

How do you know if you or a loved one has been a victim of medical/clinical negligence?

Medical/clinical negligence case is very complicated. Anyone who suspects that his or her therapeutic provider has been negligent and failed to provide the right diagnosis or clinical treatment must consult Philly medical malpractice lawyers to investigate if there is really probable cause to file a therapeutic negligence case. Remember, it’s common for most clinical professionals including hospitals not to disclose everything including errors committed and patients are left clueless as to whether there has been really negligence or none.

Can you be entitled to a medical malpractice claim?

A clinical negligence claim can be filed if you know that your doctor or health care provider has committed an error or therapeutic negligence and violated the accepted standard of care, leading to the injuries or death. In Pennsylvania, the statute of limitation of two (2) years applies where anyone cannot file a negligence claim that occurred several years ago. If in doubt, contacting a medical malpractice attorney Philadelphia is the best thing to do.

Who can be held liable for clinical negligence?

  • Therapeutic specialist (failed to require the necessary follow-up tests to diagnose a disease like cancer),
  • Obstetrician (failed to detect the symptoms of a complex delivery, leading to birth injuries or endangering the lives of both the mother and baby).
  • Nurse (failed to administer the correct medication or dosage or monitor patient’s condition).
  • Pharmacist (failed to dispense the prescribed medicines or correct dosage).
  • Therapeutic laboratories (failed to provide correct lab results leading to patient’s misdiagnosis or undergoing the unnecessary therapeutic procedure).

The list may also cover, but not limited to emergency therapeutic teams, dentists, cosmetic surgeons, birthing centers, midwives and hospital facilities.

When is the best time to file the clinical negligence case?

Under the Statute of Limitations and Laws in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, a patient must file the therapeutic negligence case within two years from the date the alleged therapeutic mistake was committed. In the event the injuries or complication was not immediately visible, under the law has two years duration from the date the patient noticed the injuries to file a therapeutic negligence case. If the statute of limitations for filing the case expired, the person loses right to file a legal claim.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Philadelphia Can Help

Are you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries or life-threatening complications due to therapeutic negligence in Philly? If yes, and wish to know what should be your next action, contact an experienced attorney today. A medical/clinical negligence is a serious case and you have to prove there is really a cause of harm, injuries or fatality, and only a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer can fully establish the validity of this therapeutic negligence claim together an investigative team. Get professional advice from a reputable Philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys firm with no fees and let the medical malpractice lawyer Philly bring justice on your behalf.

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