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Slip and fall injuries represent one of the most prevalent injury types in the United States. Annually, numerous individuals sustain injuries due to various slip-and-fall incidents. These accidents can result in excruciating injuries for the victim and, in severe cases, may lead to permanent disability or fatality. The severity of the damage can be such that it causes the victim to become disabled. Slip and falls have the potential to cause dislocated spinal discs and fractures, and, at times, can result in the victim’s inability to carry out their daily activities.

Slip and Falls Injuries – What Statistics Show?

The assumption that slip and fall injuries solely result from victim mistakes is not always accurate. Property owners bear the responsibility of ensuring pedestrian safety, granting victims the right to hold them accountable. Statistics reveal the prevalence of these accidents in the US:
  • Over a million Americans fall victim to trip, slip, and fall incidents annually.
  • Approximately 0.3 million individuals suffer severe injuries leading to disabilities, often causing work absence.
  • Tragically, around 17,000 deaths occur each year due to such accidents, raising concerns about road and workplace safety.
  • Businesses face an annual cost of over $10 billion in compensating disabled workers, resulting in substantial losses.
These statistics emphasize that pedestrians and workers are frequently at risk. Heightened awareness and acknowledgment of legal recourse against property owners in such injury cases are crucial for everyone’s safety.

Premises Liability Laws

Premises liability laws are enacted by states to protect individuals who suffer injuries or fatalities on someone else’s property due to the property owner’s negligence or carelessness. These laws exhibit variations across different American states, as highlighted by slip and fall lawyers in Philadelphia. However, they ensure that in cases of injury on another’s premises, the property owner bears responsibility for failing to maintain safety or adequately warn of potential dangers.

Your Rights- What Can You Do?

Regarding your rights, slip and fall attorneys in Philadelphia can offer assistance if you sustain a severe injury on someone’s property or a business establishment. In such instances, according to premises liability law, you retain the right to pursue legal action against the property owner. Property owners are mandated by common law to warn about various types of potential liabilities, including slip, trip, and fall hazards, dog attacks, toxic elements, gas or fire risks, and dangerous equipment, as underscored by any slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia.

Should property owners fail to provide these warnings and an individual sustains an injury or loses their life as a result, the responsibility lies with the property owner, rendering them liable for the accident. As a victim of such an incident, you possess the right to initiate a lawsuit against the property owner under premises liability laws. To build a case, seeking advice from an experienced slip and fall lawyer is crucial. These professionals can handle your case and provide guidance on the necessary steps. Residents of Philadelphia can confidently reach out to our Philadelphia slip and fall attorneys for representation in cases of personal injury related to premises liability without any hesitation.

What Legal Help Do You Need From A Philadelphia Slip And Fall Attorney?

Slip and fall injuries are dangerous occurrences that can cause major damage to any part of your body. A slip and fall can make you disabled or paralyzed in some cases of more serious accidents. It could also cause death to some unfortunate victims. These accidents are the liability of the owner of the property. As the owner of the property, they have the responsibility to warn people, if there is any type of hazard in the area. If he doesn’t warn the victim, he is liable under premises liability laws in Pennsylvania. So, the victim has the right to file a lawsuit against the property owner to gain compensation for his loss and the owner may also be required to all the hospital expenses.

If you fall victim to such kind of accident you can contact a slip & fall attorney in Philadelphia to get justice. The Philadelphia Injury Lawyers can provide you with every possible legal help. They can advise you on what to do and how you can proceed against the property owner.

Firstly, the Philadelphia slip and fall attorney will find out if the fall is your fault or not. If they conclude that the injury was not your fault, then he will begin a further investigation. Afterward, the slip & fall lawyer may go to the place where the accident occurred and collect video or other evidence from there. He can also investigate the owner of the property. The injury lawyers will also find out if the accident was caused due to a permanent or temporary condition. If an accident took place due to snow or ice due to weather conditions, then the guilt of the owner will be mitigated. There are many factors that go into the lawyer’s analysis, so contact us today to find out if you have a case.

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