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The loss of a limb can be a devastating experience to anyone. Why? It can tremendously alter the lifestyle of the victim. There are many cases where a person has to undergo amputations due to a medical diagnosis like cancer, diabetes, vascular trauma during surgery, or development of infection after surgery. Other medical cases where a limb will be amputated due to a vehicle accident or accident while operating machinery at the workplace.

If you or a loved one has lost a limb due to another driver’s fault after a vehicle accident, negligence of the attending doctor, or while at work, you can get compensation for your medical expenses, loss of earnings, pain, and suffering, and other future expenses while undergoing full recovery. The Philly amputation attorney can represent you in medical malpractice or personal trauma case due to the negligence of others.

Philly Amputation Attorneys

Common Causes of Amputation Injuries

The common causes of amputation injuries may include the following:

  • An error committed by the attending surgeon
  • Another driver’s mistake while on the road
  • Accidents that may arise while at the workplace

Vehicle Accidents

Based on annual reports of the Amputee Coalition, 45% of cases of amputations are due to car accidents and motorcycle accidents. A traffic accident may arise due to a driver’s negligence, bad condition of the roadway, or malfunction of a vehicle. Many of these cases of amputations can be avoided. Amputations are often performed due to life-threatening medical conditions like the complication of diabetes or peripheral arterial disease. There are also cases where the patients with diabetes have to undergo amputation, but some patients who underwent amputation procedures are cases of surgical mistakes.

Workplace Amputation Injuries

Workers who are assigned to operate heavy machinery equipment units are also prone to cases of workplace amputation injuries. There are instances where a worker’s foot or hand could be accidentally caught in the machinery or equipment they are operating due to malfunction of the unit or unsafe working practices (not wearing protective gear) and lead to amputations.

If you suffered the loss of a limb, hand, arm, or foot and would like to know if you can be entitled to a liability claim or workers’ compensation claim, consult a Philadelphia amputation lawyer with a specialization on Philly mandated laws on amputation and surgery cases.

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What is Amputation Compensation?

Whatever the reason behind a case of amputations, losing a limb can be challenging to the amputee because losing any vital part of the body will not allow the person to perform efficiently. A case of amputations could lead to extending days of leave from work or school. The amputee will also have to deal with the huge financial crisis as medical bills including the need for a prosthetic can be very costly.

If you feel you have every right to pursue a loss of limb lawsuit, contact a credible Philadelphia Injury Lawyer team and get the compensation that you need to recover for such loss.

What to do if you had a wrongful amputation?

If you think that your amputations could have been prevented and been a case of doctor’s negligence, another person’s mistake, or faulty equipment schedule now a private consultation with an amputation attorney in Philadelphia and have your amputations case evaluated for free.

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