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Hotels are among the most favored accommodations. But, what happens if you or a loved one has experienced an accident while inside the hotel’s premises and resulted in a serious injury?

If you or someone dear has suffered severe physical injuries while staying in a lodge in Philadelphia, better contact immediately the hotel attorney Philadelphia for free legal advice. Any legal firm with a solid background in premises liability should handle your hotel injuries case because this expert knows what needs to be investigated thoroughly for you to get fair compensation.

Philadelphia Hotel Injuries

Are you a frequent guest of the well-known lodges in Philly? Many of these nearby hotels offer valet parking services and it is normal to experience heavy traffic when guests arrive at the same time. Accidents may arise without any warning and you or a loved one staying there could be injured or become a victim of a premise accident near the hotel’s building. Depending on the events, the lodge or a contractor could be held liable for your injuries under the mandated law on premises liability.

Premises Liability Definition

The Philadelphia laws on premises liability state that the owner or occupant of the land or property can be held liable for any injuries incurred by an individual as a result of the owner’s or occupant’s negligence, failure to ensure the safety of that person, or failure to give warning. Some of the common cases involving premises liability are mostly injuries:

  •         Falls, slips, and trips
  •         Accidents inside the elevator
  •         Accidents on the escalators
  •         Swimming pool accidents
  •         Assaults (sexual harassment, rape, and robbery)
  •         Negligent security
  •         Construction-related accidents

What is Negligent Security?

The lodge owner or assigned administrator is responsible for the security of their guests. It’s their job to maintain the highest level of security measures to prevent possible harm from arising. Below are the measures that must be observed:

  •         Limiting access to premises
  •         Adequate lighting
  •         Proper monitoring of the premises (use of top quality cameras)
  •         Strict background check of hired employees
  •         Maintaining security employee

What damages can you claim after a hotel injury?

The damages that a person can claim may include the following:

  •         Medical bills both past and future if not yet fully recovered from the hotel accident
  •         Loss of wages or earnings is expected to arise in the future
  •         Permanent disfigurement after the injuries
  •         Permanent disability
  •         Loss of quality life

Why contact Philly hotel lawyers?

Suffering from a serious hotel incident can leave you a feeling of distress. If you are worried that the lodge didn’t properly record your accident and wish to file a complaint the hotel attorneys in Philly are readily available to assess your predicament and the validity of your claim. Proving who is to blame may require a long process of investigation to confirm the presence of negligence or premises liability.

If you don’t know anything about your legal rights as a guest, the Philadelphia Injury Law Firm can give you a free consultation with no obligation. If you have a valid incident case, they would be happier to work on a “contingency fee” basis to help you win this case.

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