About Philly Injury Law Firm

About Philadelphia Injury Lawyers

We are here as a team in an ethical sense and all of us share the same commitment and values. We think and work like a family, and eventually, when a client knocks on our door to get rid of his difficulties with the help of us, he is cordially welcomed to the family.

Philadelphia Injury Lawyers, we ensure the greatest level of personal satisfaction to help our injured clients or his/her family. Although it is not possible to get back what is lost to the victim, we try our best to recover as much as possible to him/her with all of our efforts and strategies against the insurance firms.

Our Attorneys: Portfolios and Expertise

Michael Boland

Founder & Chair


B.A. Economics – Lock Haven University

Juris Doctor – The University of Pittsburgh

Bar Membership:

Active Member in Good Standing of the Pennsylvania Bar

U.S.D.C., E.D., Pa.

We Care About Your Problem

Accidents are common to people and can happen at anytime to anyone. It can cause serious physical harm to people and financial burden. We offer a FREE Consultation to anyone who has been injured. We wont charge any fee unless we settle your claim. All we care about is our reputation and your financial protection. The point is, you don’t have to break the bank to afford our services. You can still get our best services if you have little or no money at your bank.

It’s a matter of pride to us that we are proved to help a person suffering from personal injuries, slip and fall and car accidents to get any recovery from a tiny check to a million dollar fund from the insurance companies. We don’t charge any fee unless we settle your claim.

How Do We Work?

As one of the most trusted law firms in Philadelphia, we have developed our unique strategy of dealing with personal injury, car accidents, and slip & fall cases of our clients. For our unique approach to the solution of cases, we are exceptionally successful and growing bigger day by day. As we are honored to have you in our touch, we would like to share an overview of our legal plan of action that we apply to our cases:

First of all, as professionals, we believe that each client needs individual attention on their cases. That’s the reason we don’t take too many cases at a time to ensure maximum attention to ongoing cases. So that we can focus our efforts and extract the best results from legal research and analysis.

Later on, no matter how our client’s personal injuries occur, some of them can cause serious long term problems. As a victim you may not figure out each and everything that is coming in your way, and resultantly lose your valuable assets and scopes of recovery. So, as the legal advisor we provide our clients each and every possible outcome and circumstance related to their case that they may have to face.

Lastly, although it is not directly part of our legal business, still we think it worth mentioning. We donate a decent amount of or yearly income to charity programs and organizations. Especially charity organizations that help people to overcome injuries to people who can’t afford it are at the top of our donation list. We think, as a legal guardian of such people, they deserve to be helped by us.

We are here to offer the best client support in the industry, even to the people who are not our clients yet (potential clients). We have offered a FREE consultation of problems that is open to anyone who visits our website. You can leave your contact, name and the injury type in summarized sentences so that we can have a look and provide some short legal advice. In this way, one can figure out the next steps to deal with the personal injury problems against the insurance firms.

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You don't pay until we settle your claim