Construction Accidents Lawyers Philadelphia

Common Causes For Construction Accident

Accidents do happen on construction sites. The potential hazards that could be found in such sites include heavy equipment machinery, high-powered tools, scaffolding, ladders, forklifts, exposed electrical wiring, debris, and other objects that may accidentally fall or cause obstruction.

In fact, many reports of work-related accidents include workers working in such sites, either they suffer serious physical injuries or be the cause of their deaths. Common causes of a construction accident are:

  • Supervision errors
  • Communication errors
  • Unsafe practices
  • Violations of OSHA rules and safety regulations

Construction Accident Attorneys Philadelphia

If you or a loved one working in a building site in Philadelphia suffered injuries while performing his or her job, a construction attorney could help you get the right compensation. Victims and their families are entitled to compensation and may include hospital bills, medicines, past and future loss of wages, permanent physical disability (scarring, loss of a limb, limp), emotional distress (anxiety, depression), grief (death of a loved one), loss of companionship due to death of a loved one, physical pain, and suffering as well as the loss of interest to enjoy life.

How to protect your legal rights after a construction accident?

It’s vital that after an accident, regardless you are the victim or a loved one that you consult immediately a construction law firm in Philadelphia. Remember, each case varies from the extent of harm or injuries done to the victim and family members, and having a knowledgeable Philadelphia personnel Injury Attorney could help you get the compensation you truly deserve.

Why choose the right Philadelphia construction lawyer?

Building sites accident as mentioned can be complicated cases because the seriousness of the injuries can be devastating and could impact the lives of the victim and their families. If you feel your accident is very complicated and would require the professional services of a legal expert, then, you have to make sure that the lawyer you will hire to handle your accident case is someone with a credible reputation for winning such cases. Why? In many instances, a building accident will only be recorded as workers’ compensation injuries where the injured worker’s claim is only limited to earnings loss and medical expenses. The pain and suffering brought by this type of accident including other damages may not be covered under the workers’ compensation. That’s why the need to choose the right attorney with the appropriate credentials and experience in Philadelphia mandated laws on building accidents counts a lot.

What to do after an accident?

If you had an accident, reporting it right away is important in order to preserve the evidence available at that particular moment. In the event the evidence is not preserved, you may be barred from filing an accident claim.

Who can be held liable for your related injuries?

With the guidance of a construction accident lawyer, the victim will be enlightened who can be held liable for his or her injuries and get compensation and may include the following:

  • Owner of the property
  • Developer, engineer, architect supervising the site
  • General   contractors, sub-contractors
  •  Lessors/lessees of the property

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