Philadelphia Lawyer Guide- What To Do After A Car Accident?

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer

Even if you are severely shaken after a car accident, you need to have the presence of mind and be aware of your surroundings. According to a Philadelphia lawyer, here are the steps that you have to do after a car accident.

Step #1 – Don’t panic

It’s normal for anyone who got involved in a car collision to experience fear. It would be helpful if you don’t panic, especially if you have other companions inside the vehicle. Gather your strength and maintain full control of yourself.

Step #2 – Don’t leave the scene

Leaving the scene isn’t a good idea, especially if someone had been badly injured due to the collision. If you decide to leave that very moment, people witnessing the incident may assume it’s your fault and you could be facing a serious legal offense like a hit-and-run.

Step #3 – Call the highway patrol immediately 

If you and another driver had a major collision and led to serious injury or possible death of another person, you have to call the highway patrol or police immediately and report the car accident. Wait for the assistance to arrive and give clear details of the incident.

Step #4 – Disclose real information

In most cases of road accidents, drivers involved in collisions need to disclose real information such as name, address, license number, vehicle plate number including an insurer. If there are passengers, their information details will be needed according to best practices applied to road rules and regulations.

Step #4 – Get witnesses’ contact details

Most car-related accidents have witnesses. It would be very helpful for those involved in the car accident to get the witnesses’ contact details according to an attorney with a specialization in car accident cases in Philadelphia. Among the important information that you need to get from a witness is the name, address, and contact number. Why? These witnesses would be needed in the event your car accident case will undergo litigation proceedings and eventually lead to a trial.

Step #5 – Notify your insurer

If you have a car insurance policy, notify your insurer the soonest possible time after the car accident. Why? Filing a car insurance claim may take days or weeks, and if you don’t inform the insurer, delays may arise. Again, it’s crucial that you only disclose real and honest facts about the incident because your insurance claim can be denied.

Step #6 – Get medical treatment

One of the legal documents needed in the event you will file a car accident case is a medical report from the doctors and other medical professionals who attended your medical emergency needs. So, it’s a wise decision to get medical treatment soon to get the right treatment and prevent the injury from becoming worse. Besides, your medical bills including follow-up treatment expenses could also be used as evidence when your lawyer in Philadelphia decides to file your car accident case.

Step #7 – Keep your evidence in a secured place

Gathered pieces of evidence during a car accident are vital for an insurance claim and when filing an accident case. Keep all pieces of evidence like photos of your injuries, wrecked car, or stained clothes in a secured place, so that when your hired Philadelphia Lawyer will require them, you have quick access.

Consulting a legal representative that specializes in car accident cases is the very first thing you need to prioritize after recovering from your injuries or losses. A car accident lawyer generally offers a contingency fee agreement to their clients, so having not enough funds to pay for the professional fees of this professional should not be an issue. Contact an attorney now and find out how you can get the right compensation.

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