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The Prison Rape Elimination Act and Its Effect on Sexual Assault

The Prison Rape Elimination Act and Its Effect on Sexual Assault

PREA did not bring the prison rape statistics to zero but has resulted in tremendous change in the view angle and address of the issues. The State works dedicatedly toward having a “Zero Tolerance” policy against sexual assaults in prison.

Signed by President Bush in 2003, the PREA has placed amendments in 2007 for a perspective. The PREA issues a warning to the staff and the offenders and grants the victim access to a lawyer for further proceedings.

Prevention – Is There Any?

Even with strict rules and monitoring, the statistics of prison rape remain unchanged. A few go unnoticed, while the others reach some conclusion with the help of law firms in the court of justice. The prisons of the State are the home for revision of modesty and behavior. It must never be the place for folly.

They extend the best of lawyers from a firm like Philadelphia Injury Lawyers, P.C. for representation. They help the victims have a better approach toward justice. The first year of implementation of PREA showed a 5 percent reduction in the statistics, but later the numbers – unharmed!

The Three Pillars!

The law of PREA bases itself on three strong pillars. It aims to scan the threat before it creates an issue, detect it – if it happens, and respond with medical and attorney’s help for the victim. It has three main pillars of working.


The State correctional facilities take enough care to avoid cross-gender interaction as much as possible. It comes with zero-tolerance policies and screens the inmates. It focuses on educating the staff and the offenders and setting up high security for barring any unlawful activity within the prison premises.


Keeping an eye open about the activities of the prison allows for the best catch if anything wrong happens. It ensures the best communication about informing and reporting rape as and when it happens. It assures the punishment for the abuser PREA and protects every victim, including women, LGBTI, and victims with disability.


It extends the best care, both medical and mental. The State offers the victim to approach a law firm for an attorney. The process walks along with the protocol followed by the termination of the guilty. An attorney for representation and PREA protects the victim from the abuser. Whether staff or offender, the punishment remains the same!

Creating a better room for fair opportunities for reporting the abuse, the PREA is a growing shield for wrongs!

Approaching The Attorney

Rape, whether outside or behind bars, is a severe felony with punishments and penalties. Was your loved one or you a victim to the staff or offenders on sexual grounds? If yes, contact Philadelphia Injury Lawyers, P.C. for the best representatives! Rape lawyers stand up to be experienced and established in their work for extending the best resource and stand. It is best to check for their background, past clients, and reviews for reliability. If they stand high on various grounds, let them speak for you and ensure you have justice served!

Sexual Abuse Claims – Sexual Assault Lawyers in Philadelphia

Attorneys Providing Strong Advocacy for the Victims of Molestation

Sexual abuse or child molestation is a heinous act. The emotional, mental and physical damage caused by sexual abuse can take years to heal. In some cases, the abused may never fully recover. Abusers and those who refuse to take action against sexual abusers in their midst must be held responsible. In order to present the best possible case against your abusers, you need an aggressive, skilled law firm capable of taking decisive action.

Philadelphia Injury Lawyers Firm’s attorneys are fully committed to helping victims of sexual abuse take legal action. If you were abused as a child, or if your child has been the victim of abuse, our Sexual Assault lawyers of Philadelphia Injury Lawyers’s attorneys can help you out.

Holding Wrongdoers Accountable

Our law firm will bring a legal claim against every party that shares responsibility for your abuse. In many cases, abusers are allowed to continue these egregious acts due to the actions, or inactions of those in authority. When institutions knew or should have known about an abuser’s history and failed to take appropriate action to remove a sex abuser, these institutions are equally liable for the abuse.

Every school, church or institution must have appropriate procedures in place to screen employees. When these institutions fail to follow their procedures, or if they do not have procedures in place, these institutions are liable. We are familiar with the unique issues surrounding civil claims of sexual abuse and will work to help you recover maximum compensation for your damages. These damages can include the cost of past and future therapy, as well as damages for the emotional and physical damage resulting from the abuse.

Do I need a lawyer for a sexual assault charge?

Yes, given the serious nature of sexual assault charges. If you don’t have a lawyer, the Court will often require you to get legal representation.

The best course is to instruct a specialist criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. This is the best way to ensure that your case is thoroughly prepared. Your lawyer can also address important issues such as full disclosure of documents and information by the prosecution.

A conviction for a sexual assault charge carries a stigma that will remain for a very long time. Your obligations and the duration of the supervision depend on the type of sexual assault conviction.

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