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SEPTA Accidents can lead to Severe Injuries.

As a SEPTA Lawyer in Philadelphia who has been helping injured victims for over thirty years, Philadelphia Injury Lawyer’s attorney knows SEPTA accidents are a common occurrence. Though Septa is cheap and convenient for thousands of people daily, mass transit accidents are a huge risk. There is an inherent danger while riding in a vehicle without seat belts present that is known for making sudden stops continuously. The Philadelphia Injury Lawyers Law Firm has handled cases with not only the passengers of Septa vehicles, but also their drivers and pedestrians who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Since Septa is considered a “common carrier” under the law they are required to be held at a higher standard of care when dealing with the safety of their passengers.

What to do after a Septa accident

After the septa accident occurs, the bus driver will hand out a form which you can fill out. This identifies you as a passenger on the bus after the septa accident. The form will come with a duplicate. Keep one for your records and give the other to the bus driver. Without proof you were on the bus during the septa accident, a major setback can occur that will delay the settlement. If the bus driver does not hand out forms, ask for one.

Be sure to get the bus driver’s name and write down a detailed description of them. Include information such as, sex, race, height, weight, and any distinguishing features in case you need to identify them at some point. Record the time, bus number, and route you were on at the time of the septa accident. Do your best to collect the names, phone numbers, and addresses of any witnesses at the scene of the septa accident, along with the names and phone numbers of some of the passengers on the bus.

This is very important if you are injured as a result of a sudden stop. Septa buses have special rules that apply to sudden stops. If you are claiming an injury due to a sudden stop, you have to prove that it was unusual or extraordinary. This is known as the “jerk and jolt” rule. It’s not enough that you were thrown and injured as a result of the stop. Having other passengers on the bus who can also explain the situation in an accurate way that is consistent with your version of the story will help your case a lot when you are presenting it.

Remember: After a Septa Accident if you’re injured due to a sudden stop, you need to show that other passengers were also thrown and injured. The best way to do this is to get the names and phone numbers of your fellow passengers.

After the septa accident, report your injury to a healthcare provider right away. If necessary, request transport to an emergency room. Even if you don’t think that’s necessary, make an appointment to see your primary care physician. Tell the doctor what is bothering you and how and where you were hurt.

Every Septa accident case is going to request and/or subpoena copies of your medical records. If the records do not indicate you were injured on a Septa bus, they will deny or delay the claim, which will require extended litigation.

Septa is a state agency, which means special rules that apply to them, don’t apply to you. If you fail to follow these rules, you will inevitably lose your case. Make sure you hire an experienced Philadelphia septa accident lawyer to handle your case.

Why hire a Septa Accident Lawyer?

Only an experienced Philadelphia based Septa accident lawyer can help you receive a fair financial settlement after a septa accident. Call The SEPTA  Lawyer of Philadelphia Injury Lawyers for a free consultation if you have injuries due to a septa accident.


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