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Who is Liable in Slip and Fall Accidents

When it comes to personal injury cases like Slip and Fall incidents, one cannot make out a clear-cut opinion without looking into the intricate details. However, what remains a fixed matter is that the victim files a suit to get compensation from the wrongdoer. But, getting the claim is also not an easy task because the most crucial factor to determine is who will pay the injured person. So, what emerges as the biggest challenge is to know who the victim should sue. Proving a Slip and Fall claim adds to the already difficult task.

Worry not because this is here where we will come as your instant help with the help of our top Slip and Fall Attorney Philadelphia. At Philadelphia Injury Lawyers, P.C., we aspire to prove your case with utmost precision so that you get the most appropriate amount of compensation.

Our specialized lawyer has put together some of the relevant details you will need to know while filing a case for slip and fall accidents to find the person liable therein.

Who Owns the Place Where the Slip and Fall Accident Took Place?

Whenever the question arises that how to know who is liable after your slip and fall accident, the first thing to know will be who owns the place. It can be the owner of the retail shop, your friend who invited you over, and so on. So, if you can find the real owner or manager of the property, you will know who is liable for your injuries. It may so happen that you are the owner where a slip and fall accident happened. In such cases, it can be the fault of the contractor for being negligent in the construction process.

It does not matter if you or somebody else is the property owner; the more crucial part is to prove that another person’s fault has caused your injuries. Proving such faults in a court is not a cakewalk; thus, we are obliged to offer our free consultation services at Philadelphia Injury Lawyers, P.C. We have experienced attorneys who have successfully fought such cases and got the victim the appropriate compensation.

What Can We Do for You When You Need an Attorney?

Plenty of legal provisions and formalities go into the entire procedure that requires specialization. Courts do not accept any error, mistake, or ignorance of the law. Thus, it becomes essential to hire an expert in the field. Our professional Slip and Fall Attorney in Philadelphia will review your case, collect evidence to support your case, trace the responsible party, file everything within the prescribed time limitation, and plead your case in court. From getting permission for obtaining copies of CCTV footage to proving the negligence of the defaulting party, our attorneys will do everything for you. We work dedicatedly and sincerely to ensure you the compensation you deserve arising out of a fall and slip accident.

Contact us anytime if you or someone you know finds themselves in a tight spot; we will guide you professionally for all personal injury matters.

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