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Everything You Need to Know About Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park is one of the largest municipal parks in Philadelphia. It also accounts for the largest landscaped urban park. People can visit it free of cost. It comprises a large area with multiple parks – it is a wonder no one will want to miss. It runs past the Schuylkill River, which divides it into the East and West sections. It has multiple activities to engage in and take on as fun for anyone who plans to visit it. From a family outing to a stroll for relaxation – it is a hub for all!

History of Fairmount Park

The plan for the now-renowned park started with the aim of conserving water due to rapid industrialization. In 1867, the Fairmount Park Commission bought the area around the Schuylkill River to preserve the water supply for its residents. It also aimed at offering a place for recreation and outdoor activity to ensure the value of sustainable and happy living. With many independent organizations working towards its betterment and the commission burdened with the responsibility of more parks, the park’s fate was given to the hands of a foundation “Fairmount Park” in 1998. 

Renamed in 2001 as Fairmount Park Conservancy, it works closely with the recreation department and Philadelphia parks to ensure the best. It offers an ideal system for community betterment and a recreational space for all visiting the park.

The Never to Miss

This unique but never to miss landscape has more to explore than any other region. Know all about Fairmount park, and it will surprise you!

The Surprising Landscape Area!

Comprising 63 parks in Philadelphia, it takes up 10 percent of its place. It also comes under the National Register of Historic Places and shares the value of culture and tradition.  

The Unknown Variety

It has a fine display of public art through the efforts of a non-profit organization – the Association for Public Art. They are known for sculpting outdoor art that leaves an impact.

The First Zoo

Fairmount park is a bash of nature as a whole. It has the country’s first zoo that still has 1200+ animals. Being a magnificent trip, it is all you need to visit to have a day that matters!  

Culture Preserving Zone

It is an ideal place where you will find a blend of all. From historical mansions to understanding the living of the 19th century to the Japanese house and gardens – it conserves them all!

Multiple Activities

It comprises a playground and paths for activities. It is not just a place to walk, run, or sit by the river. Fairmount park is more than that. It offers you to blend close to nature without hesitation.  

Educational Zone

Built for preserving and nourishing the people with water, they never leave their roots. Fairmount water works is a way to educate and impart knowledge about water conservation and sustainability.   With a big area to cover and vehicle permits, if you ever get into an accident, never forget to call a lawyer. To speak with Philadelphia car accident lawyers, click here to be in safe hands for all your needs. Leave your troubles to the experts and stay carefree!

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