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Most common injuries that can occur during the work – Workers Compensation Lawyers

Do you feel helpless because of your accident? Maybe you’re frustrated with the struggle you face obtaining the workers’ compensation you need.

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Common Workplace Injuries

Sprains and strains can occur in most any workplace, which is why they are the most commonly reported type of injury. A slip and fall incident in an office could lead to a sprained wrist just as it could at a construction site. There are many types of injuries a person can experience while on the job.

Some common workplace injuries include:

  • Head Injuries
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Burns (Chemical, Heat, Electrical, etc.)
  • Broken bones
  • Bruising
  • Concussion
  • Occupational disease

Orthopedic injuries are a frequent complaint as some industries require repetitive motions and heavy lifting that can cause muscles, tendons, and bones to sprain, strain, tear, and even break. About 20 percent of all workers’ comp claims filed in 2013 were for bodily exertion injuries, according to the Philadelphia Office of Workers’ Compensation.

Some industries also expose employees to harmful chemicals which could lead to a variety of occupational diseases, such as eczema and asbestosis.

Dangerous Occupations

The oil and gas industry is one of Philadelphia’s leading industries. Nearly 65,000 Philadelphia are employed in the extraction, pipeline and refining industries. In 2011, the industry generated over $20 billion in household earnings.

Although the industry boasts thousands of employees, locals also rely on other private and public sector jobs. Read more about Workers Compensation Injury.

There are no specific fields that can ensure a worker will not get injured, however some industries may be considered more dangerous than others.

Some industries with a higher rate of workplace injuries include:

  • Construction
  • Trucking
  • Healthcare Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Railroad

No matter if you work in a dangerous occupation or not, your employer should provide adequate workers’ compensation benefits if you are injured or diagnosed with an occupational disease.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The type of compensation an injured worker may receive can depend on many factors, including the type of injury sustained, how long they were out of work, and the type of workers’ comp insurance the employer has.

Typically, Philadelphia workers’ comp benefits include:

Medical Benefits: Coverage includes doctor visits, medication, physical therapy, lab tests, and further reasonable and necessary doctor bills.
Disability Compensations: The type of benefits a person may receive is often based on the injury. A person who suffers from temporary partial disability or temporary total disability will likely receive benefits for less time than a person who suffers from a permanent disability. Lost wage benefits are typically two-thirds of an employee’s average weekly salary. If an employee is unable to return to their previous position they may also receive two-thirds of the difference between their current and previously earned average weekly wages.

Rehabilitation Services: These benefits assist an injured worker in finding a new occupation if they are unable to return to their previous occupation due to the injury.

Death Benefits: If an employee is fatally injured or passes away from a fatal occupational disease, the victim’s family may be entitled to receive assistance for burial expenses. In 2012, the limit on burial expenses was increased to $8,500. Furthermore, lost wage benefits may also be extended to assist dependent children who lost a parent due to a fatal workplace injury or illness.
Our firm has one focus – getting you the peace of mind you deserve. If you were injured on the job and have been denied benefits or are not receiving adequate compensation, we’re ready to fight for your rights.

Reporting a Workplace Injury

If you or a loved one is injured on the job in Philadelphia they must report their injury within 10 days of the accident in order to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. An employer must then notify their workers’ comp insurance company, which is then responsible for reporting it to the Office of Workers’ Compensation Administration.

Filing a claim is essential in ensuring that your medical expenses and lost wages are covered. After filing an injury report, victims should contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to determine what their legal options are. Avoid making statements to your employer’s insurer and do not sign any documents that you do not agree with or understand.

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