When Is A Slip And Fall Accident Viewed As Personal Injury According To A Lawyer In Philly?

Determining if a slip or fall accident can be already a personal injury case requires the professional advice of an expert like a lawyer in Philly with specialization in injury cases. So, how can an ordinary individual verify if he or she has a case after slipping on a wet floor?

When does an accidental slip or fall lead to liability?

There are no specific explanations as to when an individual could be held liable for a case of Slip and Fall Lawyer Philadelphia. It entirely depends on the circumstances that led to that accident. Here are some samples for you to have a clearer understanding:

  • For a person to be accountable or responsible for an injury, the cause of the slip or fall must be due to a neglected wet floor without putting proper signage. The injured person can file a slip and fall case according to an attorney practicing his or her profession in Philly.

  • The owner of the building is completely aware of broken railings and didn’t do any appropriate action to fix it and prevent accidental fall.

  • The person managing the building did the necessary action such as putting the “Wet Floor” signage to warn people coming inside the premises. So, any accident leading to slip or fall isn’t the liability of the person concerned because he or she did the right action to prevent such accident.

Under the law according to the opinion of a lawyer in Philly offering legal advice on slip and fall accidents, any situation resulting to injury due to a slip or fall, the deciding factor to verify who is really at fault will be assessed by common sense. The law will determine whether the owner of the property actions to keep the place safe from slip and fall is really reasonable or not.

What is a “reasonable action” to prevent an accident?

A person who is held responsible for the care and maintenance of a property must take seriously this position and do the necessary actions to ensure the entire place is clean, safe and secured. If the person did the required cleaning and repairs on cracked floors, add signage when the floor is wet or made an effort to check the area if it’s safe, then, if an accident happens like a trip or fall, the question who is really liable will be properly investigated. For example, if despite the warning sign of wet floor, the person didn’t take this advice and decided to walk on it resulting to his or her fall, then, in this case the owner of the property won’t be held liable.

Do you really have a case?

If you are really unsure whether your slip and fall accident has a case to file, ask a lawyer in Philly who handled accident or personal injury cases. You can also do some analysis on your own by asking the * following questions:

  • If your slip or fall led to a broken hip and was due to a loose carpet flooring and the owner of the building already knows this issue, and had been there unattended for quite some time?

  • Are there other external factors that contributed to the slip and fall accident such as poor lighting in that area?

  • Is there a protective barrier installed to prevent a slip or fall in an accident prone area of the building?

What’s your next move?

If you strongly feel that you do have a legal claim from the injury inflicted after a bad fall or slip, the next move is to talk to a Slip and Fall Attorney Philadelphia and discuss your problem.

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