The 3 Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents

The 3 Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents

According to a survey, around 500,000 trucking casualties happen each year in the United States, with approximately 5,000 per year resulting in demise.

68% of all deadly truck casualties occurred not in metropolises but in farm regions. More than half of all fatal truck accidents happened during the day, and nearly 80% happened on weekends. Surprisingly, the prevalence of huge truck crashes occurs when the climate is precise and highways are dusty, accounting for 71% of deadly trucking accidents.

How to save yourself from these truck accident cases, you may ask. Try Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyers for an easy and quick solution to your problems but before that, let’s find out about some causes of truck accidents. Mentioned below are some of the types of common causes that lead to truck accidents.

#1. Rollovers

If drivers veer around too quickly or turn extremely quickly to avoid dangerous circumstances, the camper may toss and flip the whole truck over onto one side, building a hazardous and destructive threat for everyone on the highway.

Known as one of the most extensively destructive and dreadful crashes conceivable, Tractor-trailers and an additional enormous marketable truck retain a much-elevated core of gravity than typical passenger automobiles.

#2. Wide Turns

Truck drivers usually have to steer the direction of turn procedures with extraordinary vigilance as the right-hand turns are tighter and more difficult to function than the left-hand ones. The attempt to turn right by swinging their tracks wide to the left creates a dangerous situation for automobiles in neighboring lanes, thus, causing deadly havoc.

#3. Drifting Away

Sometimes a truck driver wanders out of their path and can head straight towards the progression of oncoming traffic because of accidental negligence, recklessness, or just simply losing control of their truck. This type of action can lead to a major cause of a destructive catastrophe. The chances of these accidents increase at Red Lights or still traffic as the drivers sometimes fail to calculate the distance within a limited time.

With the help of Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyers, you can maintain the legal reimbursement you deserve and payment for the havoc that was made through no mistake of your own.

In Conclusion

The majority of law firms and attorneys will tell you that truck accidents are a complex beast to tackle. This isn’t necessarily always the case. Choose an attorney or law firm that agrees that they can tackle the case and hopefully also come equipped with relevant experience, like Philadelphia Injury Lawyers, P.C.

Truck accidents can sometimes open a whole box of worms. Details are usually hard to recreate, and the powerful impact of trucks leaves little to imagine effectively. But don’t be afraid. Find yourself a suitable lawyer and you shall be good to go. Philadelphia Injury Lawyers P.C. specializes in truck accidents, among other things. We are more than just your lawyers. We are your partners here to aid you no matter how complex the case or how big your troubles are. Get in touch today!

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