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Dog Bite Law In Philadelphia: What You Need To Know

Getting bitten by a dog while walking in the neighborhood of Philadelphia can be governed by dog bite law that this state implements. So, if your child or loved one has been bitten by a dog, here are a few critical issues that you need to know according to an experienced personal injury attorney in Philadelphia.

What to do after being bitten by a dog?

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a dog bite, the first thing to do is seek immediate medical attention. You should also inform the Division of Disease Control about this incident because they will need to assess if there is a possible risk of rabies infection. To protect your legal rights, be sure you put into writing the following details:

  • Precise description of the animal concerned;
  • Whether the animal is wild, a stray or household pet;
  • If a pet, the name of the owner and address must be disclosed;
  • How the biting arise.

What happens to the biting animal?

If the dog that caused severe injury or fatality to a human or any domestic animal, this dog may be removed under the care of the owner, either by a police officer or state dog warden according to a Philly injury attorney. The biting animal will be put in quarantine and be subjected for euthanasia if the judge decides it to be the most appropriate action. The fees for quarantine and euthanasia will be shouldered by the dog’s owner.

What is animal confinement law?

According to a top performing personal injury attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania observes a statewide animal law confinement to any animal to be confined within the premises of his or her owner’s property and be secured by a collar and chain to prevent straying beyond the premises where the animal is secured. The exception to this law applies if the dog is engaged in lawful hunting, exhibition, performance or field training.

The animal confinement law covers dog bite cases when we consider the doctrine of negligence wherein anyone who is found to break this law can be held accountable for injuries that arise from breaking the law such as not putting a leash or not securing properly the premises where the dog stays and led to this animal from roaming around and inflicting harm to any passerby. On the other hand, if the dog accidentally broke free from its secured chain and attacked someone, the victim must provide evidence that the owner of the animal failed to check the integrity of the dog’s chain.

How about dogs with a history of being violent?

If you or a loved one has been a victim of dog bite with a history of violence or aggression or the dog’s owner already knew the biting could occur, then, the victim can be entitled to compensation based on injuries inflicted according to a Philly injury attorney.

How about if the dog has not bitten anyone prior the incident?

However, if the dog concerned has not bitten anyone prior the reported biting incident, the Pennsylvania law is divided into categories;, based on how serious the injury. For example, if the dog bite injury resulted to broken or fractured bones, disfigurement in the form of lacerations where multiple stitches are required, the victim who suffered severely can receive full compensation if he or she can prove the dog was not provoked when the attack happened.  If the dog bite victim isn’t seriously harmed, he or she will only be entitled to medical expenses that should be paid in full by the pet owner.

Are there limitations to the animal bite law?

The animal bite law in Pennsylvania adheres to a two-year statute limitations for dog attach cases. If the victim is a minor, the case can be filed within the two years when the victim turns eighteen. If the lawsuit was not filed within this statutory duration, the victim loses his or her right to file a lawsuit for that dog bite injury.

Should you consult a personal injury attorney in Philadelphia?

If you or a loved one has been bitten or attacked by an animal in Philadelphia, you need to consult a personal injury attorney in Philadelphia to know your legal rights and options.


4 Crucial Steps Needed After A Personal Injury

Are you still overwhelmed after a recent accident? It’s normal to feel confused at this very moment, especially if your personal injury will result to loss of income. What to do or where to turn for help could be among your greatest concerns. Here are the 4 crucial steps needed after encountering a personal injury due to someone’s fault or negligence.

Step #1 – Get immediate medical attention

If you suffered serious injury after an accident, the first thing you should do is get immediate medical attention. It’s vital that a medical professional like a doctor to assess the extent of harm or physical injury inflicted on you because there are some symptoms that won’t easily manifest right after the accident. For example, if you just had a minor collision while driving due to the other driver’s wrongdoing the bruising will only appear after a few days.

Step #2 – Consult a personal injury lawyer

Once you have received the appropriate medical treatment and discharged, the next step you need to do is consult an experienced personal injury lawyer. Narrate everything that happened including the full details of your injury. If your accident occurred in Philadelphia, it would best to contact a local legal representative because this expert is knowledgeable about the existing state law that could affect your injury claim. Besides, the attorney can give you solid advice whether you have a valid personal injury claim or none.

Step #3 – Take part of the investigation

After your private meeting with a personal injury lawyer, investigation will take place. Your cooperation is highly needed to fast tract this process. In most cases, the assigned attorney handling your case will have a team that will evaluate the incident including your injuries to verify who is really at fault and how serious is your personal injury. The team that will investigate may compose of reconstruction specialists, medical professionals and other experts with background in injury claims. At this phase, you need to work closely with your Philadelphia personal injury lawyer, comply with his or her instructions and take part of the investigation as the need arise.

Step #4 – Know what kind of compensation you are entitled

Knowing what kind of compensation you are entitled will vary and be mostly dependent on the extent of your injuries. Your hired attorney will be able to give you an estimated amount of money you will receive based on the following:

  • Number of doctor visits you are required to achieve full recovery
  • Prescriptions including therapies
  • Medical lab tests performed
  • Aftercare treatment
  • Loss of earnings
  • Other damages (extent of pain or discomfort, Punitive damages)

I do hope this topic will provide enough information and help you find a credible personal injury lawyer in your local jurisdiction. If you are having apprehensions about your recent accident, don’t hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer and get a free consultation.


Personal Injury Attorney In Philadelphia Advice On Personal Injury Claims

Are you still unsure whether you are entitled to a personal injury claim? Personal injury cases do vary and be entirely dependent on the extent of harm or injury is done to the injured individual. The common cases of personal injuries filed are related to car accidents, severe slips or falls, injuries acquired from using faulty equipment and may extend coverage to injuries inflicted by erroneous medical practices. So, how will you know the appropriate action to undertake? According to a personal injury attorney in Philadelphia, the following are the best practices that will direct a person to the appropriate action.

  • Find out if your injury can be covered with insurance

If your accidental slip at the mall resulted to a broken hip, the very first thing that will pop to the back of your mind is who can be held liable for this horrific incident? It would be good if you have a comprehensive medical insurance policy to cover all your medical expenses, but what happens if you don’t have one? That’s why it’s crucial that you find out whether you can claim personal injury or not.

  • Consult a personal injury lawyer

As I’ve mentioned not all personal injuries are alike and would arrive at a favorable resolution. If you are having apprehensions whether your injury isn’t as significant as what’s stated under the law, then, it would be a wise move to consult a personal injury lawyer. In the event you reside in Philadelphia, contacting a personal injury lawyer Philly would definitely make traveling less complicated, especially if you are still undergoing physical rehabilitation. A local legal representative offering services nearby will not only save you time and energy, but allow you to save money on gas since you don’t need to travel miles just to get legal advice. Besides, most legal representatives offer “contingency” agreement with their clients to help those having difficulty paying legal fees. How does this kind of set-up work? Here, the persona injury lawyer Philly and the client will come to terms that no fees will be collected until a settlement or judgment in favor of the client is achieved. Depending on what the client and the personal injury attorney in Philadelphia agreed, the percentage of the money received will be collected as legal fees.

  • Make an informed decision to file or not file the lawsuit

With the presence of a legal adviser like the personal injury lawyer Philly, coming up with a decision is fast. In fact, most personal injury cases haven’t been brought to court litigation because the parties together with their legal representatives have mutually agreed to a settlement. Keep in mind, pursuing a lawsuit can be time-consuming, energy-draining and stressful. If your lawyer mentioned about a settlement would be most favorable on your end, then, go and trust this advice. The role of a personal injury attorney in Philadelphia is helping a client get the just compensation without having to face a lengthy process of a lawsuit. In the event, your lawyer strongly feels that you need to proceed to file the personal injury case, then, go ahead and follow this legal advice, especially if the third party concerned is very uncooperative in arriving at a settlement.

When things get out of control and you are still traumatized after the bad incident, having a personal injury attorney Philly on your side can be truly comforting because you know this professional is equipped with knowledge, skills and relevant experience to defend you.