What You Need To Provide When Filing A Personal Injury Claim?

Have you finally contacted a top-notch Philly injury lawyer? If you want to make sure this legal representative will fast track your personal injury case and deliver the desired outcome,

Following Documents Or Evidence, You Need To Provide The Philly Injury Attorney.

  • Physical evidence

Legal proofs are required to measure the extent of harm or damages to the affected individual. One of the requirements that your hired Philly injury lawyer will ask a client is physical evidence of whatever that particular incident has brought such as wrecked car, shattered glasses windshield due to an impact of collision, broken staircase after a bad fall or blood stained clothes. If possible take photos of these proofs to safeguard the authenticity of your personal injury claim. Take a record of the time, date including witnesses, so that you won’t miss anything important after the incident.

  • Police reports

If your personal injury claim pertains to a major car accident, a police report may be considered as a relevant proof. Be sure when the incident happened that you contact immediately the police to help you and record of what really transpired. The police report will serve as an official proof when the need to file a lawsuit is deemed necessary.

  • Clear photos

In the event you didn’t manage to get physical evidence to the actual scene, the next valuable proofs to support your personal injury claim are clear photos. Nowadays, your mobile phone can be your perfect partner in preserving events including a horrific incident like car collision. Use it well to your advantage in capturing the incident. Don’t forget to keep duplicate copies of photos or negatives that you will surrender to the insurance company where you are filing your personal injury claim. If the accident happened in a public place like a mall where you accidentally slipped due to the unattended wet floor, you have every right to take photos of the scene. In the event the personnel of the public place prevents you from taking photos, see to it you have their names including the date of the incident as proof. Tell the adjuster about their refusal in taking photos of the scene where the accident happened.

  • Evidence of your physical injuries

Other evidence required when filing a personal injury claim is evidence of your physical injuries. If you have been admitted to a hospital, request the attending doctor to provide you a copy of your medical records, laboratory results, x-rays including prescriptions and medical billing. These legal documents will not only serve as proof but can impact the amount of claim you will receive if your personal injury claim is found to be valid.

Are you having doubts whether to pursue your personal injury claim or not? Let the expertise of a Philly injury attorney shed some light on your legal rights. You don’t need to shoulder the huge medical bills, unpaid leave from work or worst an issue of permanent disability if you know how much compensation you can demand. You just need to make a decision now to seek legal advice from an expert in personal injury claim and contact this person the soonest possible time.

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