Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are a football team headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are a member of the National Football Conference, a division of the National Football League.

So far, the Eagles have won three NFL championships in 1948, 1949, and 1960. They’ve also won the Super Bowl, the most recent of which was in 2017. The Eagles were founded in 1933. The assets of the Frankford Yellow Jackets were liquidated and sold to a group of Philadelphia businessmen, culminating in a complete rebranding and restoration.

The Eagles’ Bumps on the Road

The Eagles battled a lot in their early years, as many new clubs do. In their first ten seasons, they rarely won any games. All of that changed in 1941 when management recruited head coach Earle Neale, who immediately went to work to improve the team’s performance and make it competitive. Coach Neale is frequently credited with putting together some of the team’s strongest lineups. Under his tutelage, Steve Van Buren grew into the superstar who led the Eagles to their first NFL championship in 1947 and consecutive victories in 1948 and 1949.

After a two-year winning streak, the club struggled once more. They spent most of the 1950s at the bottom of the league’s classification. By 1960, the Eagles had begun to turn the trend, with the aid of Norm Van Brocklin as their starting quarterback, Tommy McDonald as the undersized flanker, and Chuck Bednarik on defense, taking home the third NFL title by defeating the Green Bay Packers. While many thought the squad was looking for a great comeback, this was a one-time occurrence in a career that saw them endure over 18 seasons without a notable victory.

Victories Can Be Obtained Through Emotion

By 1976, head coach Dick Vermeil had arrived to flip the tables once more. The guy was known for his impassioned coaching approach, which electrified the Eagles while also connecting with the fans. The results were as clear as day, with the squad earning four consecutive playoff berths from 1978 to 1981. The pairing of Ron Jaworski as a quarterback and Harold Carmichael as receiver worked wonders in those days, owing to the intimidating presence of the receiver, who stood 6 feet 8 inches tall and was one of the tallest and widest athletes ever to grace the field in that era.

The team made it to the anticipated Super Bowl for the first time in 1981 but were beaten by the Oakland Raiders.

In 1999, the club shifted its strategy again more by signing coach Andy Reid, who quickly picked quarterback Donovan McNabb. From their second season in Philadelphia, the combination would lead the Eagles to eight playoff appearances in 10 years. In 2005, they also managed five NFC championship games and a Super Bowl game, but no victory. Until McNabb was moved in 2010, the coach and the star player had a tumultuous relationship. Michael Vick took over as the Eagles starting quarterback and led them to a division title.

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