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Car Safety Cautions

Five Vehicle Safety Technologies That Can Help You Avoid A Crash

Throughout the past decade, foreign and domestic automakers have added features to production automobiles making them safer for drivers and better designed to avoid collisions. Other features increase the protection level of the vehicle’s occupants in cases where a collision cannot be avoided. Using Features For Increased Driver Safety Traction Control: Most cars come equipped with traction control (TC), also called electronic stability control (ESC), to limit wheel spin and reduce the potential for skidding.

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Philadelphia South Street

Things You Should Do On South Street of Philadelphia – A Guide to South Street

South Street, one of Philadelphia’s most celebrated roads, is outstanding for its differing urban blend of eateries, bars, and shops. South Street has advanced throughout the years; until the point when the 1950s, it was known as the article of clothing region. In the ’60s and ’70s, it was loaded with clubs, bars, and live nearby music. Today, it remains a prominent home base for teenagers, understudies, and twenty-something’s similar. Young men II Men’s music

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Philadelphia cheesesteak history

The Best Damn Philly Cheesesteak You’ll Ever Eat – Cheesesteak History

When I started planning to open a food cart a number of years ago, I knew I wanted to do a Philly Cheesesteak. Philadelphia Cheesesteak History is here. I had eaten a number of good cheesesteaks since moving to the Portland area but had never really satisfied the craving I had for the flavors that I had grown up with. Maybe it’s the water, as some had suggested, the bread, ingredients traveling across the country…whatever

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Philadelphia Flyers History

The Top 10 Philadelphia Flyers History of All-Time: NHL All-Star Game

Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll … oh, not that All-Star? Nope! Today we’re here to talk about Philadelphia Flyers History of players that have suited up for the NHL’s All-Star exhibition game. 10. 2015 – Voracek puts a youngster in the spotlight Don’t you just love it when players pull all sorts of tricks out of the bag for the NHL’s breakaway challenge? One fan favorite is when a player will

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Park Square

Philadelphia Walking Tour to Rittenhouse Square: Philly’s Famous park

More than any of William Penn’s five unique squares, Rittenhouse Square is synonymous with the area that created around it. Famous for the encompassing design, excellent finishing and its renowned affiliations, the square remains the gem of one of Philadelphia’s most stylish neighborhoods. On summer days, Rittenhouse Square is loaded with inhabitants unwinding on seats, customers walking walkways and smokers sitting on its limestone balustrade. By December, occasion lights embellish its numerous trees. Consistently, the recreation

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Love park

All You Need to Know Before You Go – Love Park (Philadelphia)

It’s not actually quite finished; work crews are still putting on the final touches, but over the last few weeks I have been walking through renovated Love Park on my way to work every morning. It’s one of the best parts of my day. I get off the El at City Hall, dash up the shallow risers of the bright, glassy head house of the station and emerge into the splendor of Dilworth Park. And

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Safety at home

Best safety precautions to avoid accidents at home

While we consider our homes to be safe, we should use some safety precautions to avoid the accidents at our home and private places for our family, many accidents happen to occur or around the house. From burns to falls to choking, animal bites and more, there are a number of dangers that are often discounted when we consider how to make our homes safe places for those who we love. Most home injuries are preventable,

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