How Common Are Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents are commonly dreadful as they cause life-threatening destruction. There are many truck crashes that take place every day. Along with life damage, they also cause property damage. There are thousands of commercial trucks seen daily on the roadways. They are convenient for users because they provide transferring services of goods and other valuables by road.  However, the risk also exists alongside the benefits.

An eighteen-wheeler commercial truck weighs 80000 pounds, whereas a dumped truck weighs 60000 pounds. It can tell the proximity of loss in a truck accident. In 2017, 6807 trucks crashed, reported by PennDOT. This amount of casualties is rising with each passing year, which is not supportive of the well-being of society.


Few types of accidents that exist are:

  • Tire Blowout Accident:

When there is a cut in a tire, it causes the tire to lose air gradually. A less aired tire leads to a severe accident causing damages to the property, driver, and other passengers. Drivers always need to check the tires and the air pressure before beginning the journey.

  •  Unsecured Load Accidents:

Improper weighing of the trucks, i.e., not per rules and regulations, causes fatal accidents. These accidents occur when the trucking companies do not abide by the requirements and cautions for loading.

  • Rollover Truck Accidents:

These accidents commonly occur when a truck turns at a very high speed. It appears when the driver does not drive as per traffic rules. Poorly weighing or sudden lane changing of the trucks also leads to such rollover accidents.

  • Underride Truck Accidents:

Most of the time, cars or bikes collide with the truck and come underneath the truck, resulting in underride truck accidents. These accidents are the fatal ones. Inconsistent speed of the truck also causes such accidents in the flow of heavy traffic.


A list of some commonly reported causes of truck crashes is given below:

  • Vehicle Manufacturing:

Proper maintenance of the vehicle is essential. The truck owner should never overlook any single minor fault in the vehicle as it can lead to significant losses.

  • Drivers Negligence:

Almost above 70% of accidents occur due to the negligence of the driver. When reported in a crash, most drivers were found drunk, high on drugs, or tired. Drivers need to be licensed and trained to avoid accidents and further damages.

  • Illegitimate Loading:

Horrible accidents occur when the trucks get loaded above their prescribed capacity. That could cause the loss of many precious lives and property. Overloading of trucks leads to severe accidents usually.

  • Excessive Speeding:

Excessive speed always kills, whether it be a large truck or any other vehicle. The truck ends in a crash whenever driven over the prescribed speed limit. So, the violation of such laws also leads to vehicle and life-threatening damages.

However, jackknifing, non-recognition of new routes, brake failures, etc., also cause reported truck accidents.

Injuries Arising From Truck Accidents:

The following list depicts the injuries and losses arising from truck accidents:

  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord destruction
  • Internal bleeding
  • Organ damages
  • Fractures
  • Mental trauma
  • Death

Along with such injuries, these traumatic truck crashes also result in the loss of loaded and vehicle goods.

How to Avoid Hazardous Truck Accidents:

The best caution one can take to avoid such accidents is maintaining proper space between the vehicles to avoid collisions. The chances of vehicle collision minimize if the driver keeps an appropriate distance. The speed should be observed under the requirement to prevent any crash.

The driver shall not drink alcohol or use any other drug that makes him unconscious. Full alertness of the driver is always required to avoid any unwanted situation like accidents. The trucking companies shall work on their vehicle’s maintenance. The people walking on the roads shall be alert of their surroundings to sense any mishap.

Accidents are undoubtedly hazardous and life-threatening, but one can easily avoid them with little responsibility and care. So one should always show their social responsibility to avoid such unwanted situations.

Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer:

Whenever a truck accident occurs, it calls for some legal actions, too, as the truck accidents are complex ones, requiring professional guidance. A Philadelphia truck accident lawyer gets hired for this purpose. A team of investigators and lawyers designed to know the facts and figures is appointed. Mostly the law firms are hired for truthful estimation of liabilities and compensations.

Liable Parties involved in a truck accident are:

  • The truck operator
  • The truck keeper
  • The vehicle builder
  • The government

Truck accidents involve professionally licensed drivers. The court usually holds such drivers liable for non-professional behavior. Because of the negligence towards their employees and vehicles, sometimes the owners are also responsible for accidents. In such cases, the Philadelphia truck accident lawyers get hired to determine the real liable party.

Compensations Received in a Truck accident:

The Philadelphia truck accident attorney also determines the actual rights of compensation for the victims by protecting the interests of trucking companies. The lawyer negotiates the amount of loss with the insurance companies, and then the injured gets that claimed amount. Compensation to the victim involves:

  • Personal Injury Compensation:

It involves the compensation of the amount that the injured spends after surviving the truck crash. The victims of injury can claim relief for financial losses, including medical expenses or other property loss. The victim can ask for all other receipts and bills.

  • Wrongful Death Damages:

If a person dies in a truck crash, then his/her family can demand compensation. The claim includes hospital bills of deceased, funeral and burial expenses, compensation for deceased conscious pain before death from the guilty party. The deceased’s family can also claim the income loss occurred due to the death of the victim.

The lawyer can be helpful in all the situations mentioned above to proceed legally. The fee of the Philadelphia truck accident lawyer usually ranges from 20%-30% of the claim recovered. If you have been a victim in a truck accident and seek legal help, contact Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer and get maximum possible compensation for your loss.

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