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Hit and run”, by definition, as when an accident happens and the person liable intentionally flees the crime scene. In the event that you have been charged with a car accident that involves a hit and run that includes bodily harm, property damage or a person has been killed, it is your duty legally to stop your vehicle at the scene of the accident. Your contact information, insurance information, and driver’s license must be provided to the other driver or property owner immediately. Failing to do so and fleeing the accident can lead to being charged with a severe traffic infraction.

A hit and run on your permanent record can cause serious repercussions for you down the road. It is taken very seriously because a hit and run shows blatant disregard for a person and/or their property and can often involve severe physical injuries.

Handling all types of hit & run cases

It is possible to be charged with a felony in the instance that a person is seriously injured. A fine of $4,000 and a maximum sentence of two years in prison is the potential outcome of being charged with felony hit and run. Often law enforcement focuses on the fact that they believe another criminal activity such as drinking or driving or fleeing the scene of another crime caused the accident. These concerns often bring a great deal more scrutiny on your case.

We have provided a strong defense for clients charged with these types of hit and run incidents:

  • Vehicle vs. vehicle hit and run
  • Property hit and run
  • Pedestrian hit and run
  • Bicycle hit and run

There are potential consequences when you have been charged with hitting anything or anyone. The type of accident determines the specific ramifications.

Fighting to defend your rights

Hitting an object instead of a person brings penalties that aren’t as severe. These penalties can include fines, probation or restitution to the owner of the damaged property. Multiple charges can be brought in cases where a person has been killed or severely injured. Your Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer will work hard to have as many of the charges reduced or dismissed as possible. In cases of mistaken identity, charges can even be dismissed.

Whether you are guilty or innocent, your attorney will aggressively look into the case and make sure you receive the best possible result. The best result possible ensures that you can quickly put the case to rest and get back to living your life.

Contact a Minneapolis hit & run Lawyer

Hit & run is a serious crime to be accused of. Justified or not, you must make sure that you have the strongest criminal defense so that your case will end with the best possible result. To schedule a FREE CONSULTATION and find out how the Philadelphia Injury Lawyers Firm can help you defend your rights, call at (215) 298-9143 OR fill an online contact form.

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