Exploring Philadelphia’s Street Art Scene: A Walking Tour

Philadelphia is a city that’s well-known for its vibrant street art scene. From murals to graffiti tags, there’s a diverse range of art on display throughout the city. Exploring Philadelphia’s street art scene on foot is an excellent way to experience the city’s cultural offerings and get some exercise at the same time. In this walking tour, we’ll take you through some of the best street art spots in Philadelphia.

Exploring Philadelphia’s Street Art Scene

Philadelphia Magic Gardens on South Street

Our first stop is the Philadelphia Magic Gardens on South Street. This installation is a mixed-media mosaic that spans half a city block. Created by artist Isaiah Zagar, the gardens are a fascinating display of color and texture. Visitors can wander through the winding paths, taking in the intricate details of the murals and sculptures that make up the gardens.

Fishtown: Spirit of Fishtown and Colorful Sea Monster

Next, we’ll head to Fishtown, a neighborhood in northeast Philadelphia that’s known for its street art. One of the most impressive pieces in Fishtown is the “Spirit of Fishtown” mural on Frankford Avenue. This 60-foot-long mural depicts the history of the neighborhood and its industrial past. Created by artist Phillip Adams, the mural is a testament to the spirit of the community and the resilience of its residents.

Another notable piece in Fishtown is the “Colorful Sea Monster” on York Street. This vibrant mural, created by artist Miriam Singer, depicts a playful sea monster that’s covered in bright colors and patterns. The mural is a fun and whimsical addition to the neighborhood, and it’s a great spot for a photo op.

Northern Liberties: Mother Teresa and Philly Mural

From Fishtown, we’ll head to Northern Liberties, a neighborhood just north of Center City. Northern Liberties is home to several impressive murals, including the “Mother Teresa” mural on Hancock Street. Created by artist David Guinn, this mural depicts Mother Teresa holding a child in her arms. The mural is a tribute to the humanitarian work of Mother Teresa, and it’s a beautiful and moving piece of art.

Another notable mural in Northern Liberties is the “Philly Mural” on Frankford Avenue. Created by artist Meg Saligman, this mural is a colorful and vibrant celebration of the city of Philadelphia. The mural depicts iconic images from the city’s history, such as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, as well as more modern images like the LOVE sculpture.

LOVE Sculpture in LOVE Park

Our final stop on this walking tour is the “LOVE” sculpture in LOVE Park. Created by artist Robert Indiana in 1970, this iconic sculpture has become a symbol of the city of Philadelphia. The sculpture features the word “LOVE” in bold letters, arranged in a square with the letter “O” tilted to the right. Visitors can take a photo with the sculpture and even purchase LOVE-themed merchandise from nearby vendors.


In conclusion, Philadelphia’s street art scene is a vibrant and colorful reflection of the city’s culture and history. From the intricate mosaics of the Philadelphia Magic Gardens to the playful sea monster of Fishtown, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Taking a walking tour of Philadelphia’s street art is an excellent way to experience the city’s offerings and get some exercise at the same time. And if you ever find yourself in need of legal representation, Philly Injury Law is here to help. Their team of experienced lawyers at https://philly-injury-law.com/ specialize in personal injury cases and are committed to fighting for their clients’ rights.

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