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Everything You Need to Know about the Philadelphia Phillies

Baseball is one of the most-liked games in the entire world with so many teams playing it professionally. And, Philadelphia Phillies is one among the lot known for its exemplary performance in the spirit of international baseball. It is an American baseball team representing Philadelphia actively known to play professionally in the National League (NL). Having been founded in 1883, Philadelphia Phillies is the oldest, single-name, and single-city franchise in the history books of American professional sports.

Let’s Know More About The Team

The team started with their informal name ‘Quakers’ in 1883 and changed their name formally to ‘Phillies’ in 1890; ‘Phillies’ is the short form given to the term ‘Philadelphians’. It is pertinent to mention here that the Phillies did not start their career with a bang and the team struggled to make it big in the sports world. They had to wait for decades to even qualify for the playoffs. Finally, it was the blend of fortune and talented Grover Cleveland Alexander that helped the team to make it to the playoffs in 1915. Alexander played phenomenally and brought several records to the team. However, Alexander’s trading by the team brought dejected outcomes, and the Phillies again got into a streak of defeat. Victory started to blur till 1948 for the team.

Again, in 1950, a favorable turn came for the team with the coming of the Whiz Kids namely, Richie Ashburn and Robin Roberts. Though they managed to get the first berth in the World Series after three and a half decades, however, the New York Yankees swept off the Phillies. Winnings again became a dream for the team for a few years. Then, the legendary Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton joined the Phillies in 1972 and later made it to the Hall of Famers. Both of these players wowed everyone with their baseball talent and gave the team their lengthiest period of success. The Phillies finally got their hands on titles including six NL East Division titles between 1976 and 1983. It also brought home its first World Series title in 1980.

However, it was the most horrendous moment when the Phillies became the first franchise in the history of the sport to have lost 10,000 games. Strong determination and talented players are trying to bring the team back into action and have even won the World Series title again in 2008. Currently, the team is giving a neck-to-neck competition and loses the game on some days and gains some wins on other days.

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