Limited Tort Vs. Full Tort Insurance in Pennsylvania

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Car accidents leave lasting effects on the victims and their families. In Pennsylvania, you’ll have two options while preparing your car insurance policy. You can choose Full Tort or Limited Tort. What is Tort? Tort means that an individual can ask for legal action against someone else for causing pain and suffering to them during an accident.

Of all the decisions regarding car insurance, the selection of tort i.e. limited or full insurance tort is the most important. Understanding the differences between full tort and limited tort insurance can be a challenging task. The majority of drivers don’t understand the important difference between the full and limited tort insurance coverage. This article will help you understand all the differences between full tort insurance and limited tort insurance.

What is Full Tort?

When you choose Full Tort option, you can recover all the economic losses or damages such as medical expenses, loss of income, property damages and a lot more. This option includes pain and suffering regardless to the severity of injuries incurred in a car accident according to a car accident attorney in Philly.

For those first timers buying car insurance policies, this may not sound a big deal, but if you will take the professional advice of an experienced Philly car accident lawyer, choosing the Full Tort coverage is a wise decision when it comes to the amount of settlement you will receive.

What is Limited Tort?

If you are searching for car insurance policy the first thing you will discover if you come across the Limited Tort coverage is it is a lot cheaper, around 15% lesser that the Full Tort coverage cost. This could be bigger savings on your end, but if you carefully address the possibility of the extent of your car accident injury, choosing the Limited Tort option has limitation on rights of the named insured including the people listed under your insurance policy like friends, relatives or loved ones. According to a credible car accident attorney in Philly the Limited Tort coverage doesn’t permit a party that is injured in a car accident to claim for pain or suffering or other non-economic losses unless he or she suffered a life altering injury. Based on the experiences of a top-notch Philly car accident lawyer, selecting Limited Tort coverage only limits your claim to medical expenses, loss  of wages, other out-of pocket expenses, but not pain or suffering, which can be the crucial part of a car accident claim.

Full Tort Vs Limited Tort

If you are living in Pennsylvania, you have the option to consider the Full Tort when preparing for your car insurance policy. If you choose Full Tort, this permits you to file a lawsuit for pain or suffering, however if you opted for Limited Tort, you forfeit your right to claim for pain and suffering.

Aside from that, Limited Tort coverage only provides small discount on a car insurance monthly premium. It may seem appealing for first time buyers of car insurance policies because of the monthly savings you will get, but, when the unforeseen event occurs without any warning and been injured from a car accident, you would be disappointed why you even opted for this type of coverage. Why. Saving a few bucks on your monthly premium can’t compensate the emotional and physical pain or suffering that you will experience after a car accident.

Advantages of Full Tort Coverage

Philly car accident lawyer will recommend to PA drivers to choose the Full Tort for their auto insurance policies because of the many advantages they will enjoy such as:

  • Full protection given to the policyholder for the unavoidable events in the future resulting to a car accident.
  • Extended full protection coverage given to other parties listed under the insured policyholder (friends or family members).
  • Peace of mind that you are given the best protection coverage after the car accident.

What Types of Damages Are Available?

There are two types of damages occur in a car accident i.e. Monetary Damages and Non-Monetary Damages.

Monetary Damages

  • Medical bills
  • Medications
  • Rental car fees
  • Lost wages

Non-Monetary Damages

  • Pain and suffering
  • Stress
  • Loss of companionship
  • Inconvenience
  • Embarrassment
  • Inability to enjoy life

Unlike monetary damages, non-monetary damages are not easy to determine. The value of such damages depends on various factors such as your age, the amount of injuries, the severity of injuries, the amount of medical treatment you receive and how your injuries have affected your life.

How To Fully Understand The PA Auto Insurance Coverage?

If you are confused on what type of coverage to include for your auto insurance policy, you can always consult a car accident attorney in Philly about the Full Tort vs Limited Tort coverage and learn the best policy coverage for you.

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