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What are the Root Causes of Medical Malpractice?

Today’s medical technology is advanced. But, medical errors are still prevalent. Medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death across the United States. Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare practitioner causes an injury to a patient by providing inadequate medical care. Medical malpractice cases are more complex as compared to other personal injury cases. Medical negligence continues to be a big issue in the U.S.  People who have the victim of medical negligence should file a lawsuit. By filing a claim, you’ll be able to receive the maximum possible compensation for your pain and suffering.

Facts About Medical Malpractice

To help you know more about medical negligence, let’s go over a few facts.

  • Medical malpractice or negligence is the third leading cause of death in the United States
  • Medication errors, medical errors, infections, post-surgical infections, bedsores are a few common types of hospital medical malpractice
  • About 100,000 deaths occur in the United States due to medical errors each year
  • Estimated 19,000 medical negligence lawsuits filed in the United States each year
  • 1 out of every 3 patients will be a victim of medical error during a hospital visit
  • The annual cost of treating medical errors that can be prevented is 29$ billion

Common Consequences of Medical Negligence

  • Birth defects
  • Disability
  • Infertility
  • Chronic pain
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium
  • Lost wages
  • Wrongful death

Causes of Medical Malpractice

Let’s take a look at some of the top causes of medical negligence lawsuits.

Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis- Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis is the #1 cause of medical malpractice. When healthcare professionals are failed to provide the appropriate treatment to a patient to prevent severe personal injury. More than 12 million people are misdiagnosed in hospitals across the U.S.

Surgical Errors- Surgical errors are common causes of medical negligence. 1 out of 3 medical malpractice cases occurs due to surgical errors. Surgical errors can have challenging consequences leading to a fatal injury.

Medication Errors- More than 7,000-9,000 people die as a result of medication errors in the United States each year. Medication errors occur when a healthcare professional prescribes the wrong medication or the wrong dosage to a patient.

Birth Injuries- Birth injury is one of the most devastating causes of medical negligence. The most common medical issues associated with birth injuries include improper use of forceps during childbirth, surgical problems during a C-Section, and oxygen deficit to the infant.

Anesthesia Errors- Anesthesia is given to a patient before sending him/her into surgery. It can be dangerous if not given correctly.  The most common anesthesia errors include administering too much or too little anesthesia, failure to monitor the patient after giving anesthesia, failure to inform the patient about preoperative procedures, and failure to research the patient’s medical history.

If you or your family member have sustained fatal injuries due to medical negligence, speak to one of the professional attorneys or lawyers. A professional Medical Malpractice Lawyer Philadelphia can help you obtain adequate compensation for your loss.


What Kind Of Mistakes Are Behind Most Medical Malpractice Lawsuits?

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases emerge when a patient is hurt by a specialist or nurture (or another therapeutic expert) who neglects to give legitimate human services treatment. Luckily, specialists, attendants, and healing facilities commit errors in few cases. In any case, inside that little minority of cases, certain kinds of blunders manifest more regularly than others. Read on to find out about the specialist and healing facility botches that make up the majority of medicinal negligence claims.

An expression of the alert on the kinds of medicinal blunders portrayed underneath: Keep at the top of the priority list that in light of the fact that a specialist committed an error or a patient was miserable with a course of treatment or its result, that doesn’t mean negligence essentially happened. Keeping in mind the end goal to meet the legitimate meaning of therapeutic negligence, the specialist or restorative supplier more likely than not been careless somehow – meaning the specialist was not sensibly adroit or equipped, and that ineptitude hurt the patient. (To take in more about what does and does not constitute restorative misbehavior, see Nolo’s article Medical Malpractice Basics.)

Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis

Misdiagnosis and deferred findings represent a huge level of restorative misbehavior dissensions. At the point when a specialist misdiagnoses a condition (or neglects to analyze a genuine malady for quite a while), the patient may miss treatment openings that could have forestalled genuine damage or even demise.

The key in demonstrating medicinal negligence assert in light of misdiagnosis or postponed determination is to analyze what the treating specialist did (or didn’t do) to how other skillful specialists inside a similar claim to fame would have taken care of the case. In the event that a sensibly able and able specialist under similar conditions would not have made the analytic blunder, at that point the treating specialist might be obligated for negligence. (To take in more about demonstrating a misdiagnosis assert, see Nolo’s article Medical Malpractice: Misdiagnosis and Delayed Diagnosis.)

Childbirth injuries

Various fetal wounds can be caused by restorative negligence, including mind wounds, (for example, cerebral paralysis and seizure issue), cracked bones, and Erb’s and Klumpke’s paralysis (harm to nerves that control the arms and hands). Nonetheless, remember that these wounds are more regularly caused by an option that is other than medicinal misbehavior.

A doctor or obstetrician’s carelessness can occur amid labor or well before.

Careless pre-birth mind. In the event that careless restorative treatment is given amid the pregnancy, it could hurt the hatchling or the mother (or both). A few cases of careless pre-birth mind incorporate the doctor or obstetricians:

  • inability to analyze a restorative state of the mother, for example, preeclampsia, Rh inconsistency, hypoglycemia, pallor, or gestational diabetes
  • inability to recognize birth deserts
  • inability to recognize ectopic pregnancies, or
  • inability to analyze an infection that could be infectious to the mother’s embryo, (for example, genital herpes or neonatal lupus).

Carelessness amid labor. A specialist’s carelessness amid labor could make damage to the child and mischief to the mother. Regular therapeutic mistakes amid labor incorporate the doctor or obstetricians:

  • inability to suspect birth entanglements because of the child’s extensive size or on the grounds that the umbilical line got tangled
  • inability to react to indications of fetal trouble
  • inability to arrange a cesarean segment when one was fitting, or
  • clumsy utilization of forceps or a vacuum extractor.

(To take in more about birth wounds, see Nolo’s article Birth-Related Medical Malpractice.)

Solution Errors

As indicated by a recent report, medicine mistakes hurt around 1.5 million individuals in the United States each year. Medicine mistakes can happen in numerous ways – from the underlying remedy to the organization of the medication. For instance, a patient may be hurt if the specialist recommends the wrong pharmaceutical. Or then again the patient may be hurt by pharmaceutical that the specialist recommends treating a misdiagnosed condition. In a clinic setting, the correct medication may be given to the wrong patient.

In any case, by a wide margin, the most well-known pharmaceutical mistakes include dose – the patient gets excessively or too little of a medication. This can happen a few ways:

  • The specialist composes an off base measurements on the solution.
  • The medicine is right, however, the attendant directs the off base sum.
  • Hardware that oversees the medication glitches, making huge measurements of a solution be directed over a brief timeframe. For instance, this can happen when a defibrillator has a dead battery or an intravenous pump has an unstuck valve.

Anesthesia Errors

Anesthesia botches are normally more perilous than surgery botches. Indeed, even a little blunder by the anesthesiologist can bring about changeless damage, cerebrum harm, or even demise. An anesthesiologist can confer medicinal misbehavior even before anesthesia is regulated by:

  • neglecting to research the patient’s medicinal history for conceivable difficulties, or
  • neglecting to illuminate the patient of the dangers included if preoperative guidelines aren’t taken after (like not eating for a specific timeframe preceding surgery).

Anesthesia mistakes that can happen amid surgery include:

  • giving excessively anesthesia to the patient
  • neglecting to screen the patient’s fundamental signs
  • despicably intubating patients (putting a tube in the trachea to help with breathing), or
  • utilizing the inadequate gear.

Surgery Errors

Some medicinal negligence claims emerge from botches made in the working room. A specialist may be careless amid the activity itself (puncturing inner organs, working on the wrong body part, or leaving surgical instruments in the body) or the nursing staff may be careless in managing the post-operation mind (which could bring about complexities like genuine contamination).

Getting Help with a Medical Malpractice Case

Medicinal misbehavior cases are managed by complex decides that can change impressively from state to state, so it’s frequently fundamental to get counsel or portrayal from a legal advisor who has encounter dealing with restorative negligence claims.

For help on picking a decent medical malpractice lawyer, read Nolo’s article Finding a Personal Injury can go to Nolo’s Lawyer Directory for a rundown of therapeutic misbehavior lawyers near you.

Is Birth Injury Considered As A Medical Malpractice?

Birth Injury

Undergoing birth delivery has its own risk, both to the expectant mother and unborn child. This is why most expectant parents amidst the excitement still have growing fears of what might arise while inside the delivery room. Birth related injuries do happen but can be prevented if the medical doctors and nurses attending the delivery have performed their responsibilities well. If you are already expecting your baby anytime and want to know what grounds a birth injury is considered as medical malpractice.

Can birth injuries occur?

Sad to say, but it’s a fact that birth injuries occur and could affect any expectant mother who is about to give birth. There are various ways birth injuries could happen, and in most cases, there are two scenarios to look into:

  • The doctor or medical professional failed to assess the risk or treat the condition of the expectant mother.
  • Birth injuries are due to negligence during prenatal care.

In the first scenario, the doctor may have failed to diagnose accurately the actual condition of the expectant mother such as the presence of hypertension, failure to check the heart rate of the baby, or miscalculated the need to perform a caesarian procedure. If this happens, and the birth injury resulted from this kind of situation, medical malpractice can be filed against the attending doctor and medical staff or file a claim against the hospital where the delivery took place.

In the second scenario, negligence during prenatal care, again the attending doctor, medical staff, or pharmacist may be held accountable if the wrong prescription was given and led to the adverse complications to the expectant mother including the unborn child. If there is found irregularities during the prenatal care, according to a medical malpractice lawyer in Philadelphia, the mother can file a medical malpractice case.

How to prove medical malpractice in case of a birth injury?

For your birth injury case to have grounds for medical malpractice, there should be proofs like a medical report showing the detailed medical condition of the mother or baby during pregnancy and after birth. The opinion of a third party may be used to validate medical malpractice like seeking another medical professional of similar specialization to testify and proved that mistakes or errors have been done that put the mother and baby at greater risk.

Where to get help for a medical malpractice claim?

Birth injuries can be prevented at all costs if an experienced medical professional like the doctor has done everything to reduce the risk during the expectant mother while under his or her care during prenatal care and while giving birth.

If you or someone you loved has become a victim of birth injury, the person who can be of help is an expert in medical malpractice like an attorney in Philadelphia with many won cases on medical malpractice lawsuits. Learn more about how you can protect your legal rights while under the care of a medical professional, talk to a legal representative right now to review your case.

Important Facts To Know About Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is one of the serious concerns in the United States. Medical negligence occurs when healthcare professionals failed to provide the right medical treatment to patients. The common causes of medical negligence are misdiagnosis, medication errors, birth injuries, anesthesia errors, and surgical errors.

Following are A Few Facts About Medical Malpractice:

  • Medical malpractice or negligence is one of the major causes of death in the United States
  • The level of medical care depends on the patient’s age and the location of the medical care
  • More than 100,000 deaths happen in the United States each year as a result of medical errors
  • New York has the highest medical negligence payout and North Dakota has the lowest medical malpractice payouts in the U.S.
  • Physicians are the highest healthcare professionals and dentist assistants are the lowest healthcare professionals to be sued for medical negligence
  • More than 19,000 medical malpractice cases are filed in the U.S. each year
  • 16% of all medical negligence lawsuits are filed against primary care doctors
  • Medical negligence causes stress for healthcare professionals
  • More than 195,000 patients die due to preventable medical errors each year
  • More than 40% of healthcare experts had been sued for malpractice
  • There are more than 15 million medical malpractice cases each year
  • 40% of medical malpractice cases are inpatients
  • 95% of medical malpractice cases are settled out of court
  • Misdiagnosis is one of the most common causes of medical malpractice
  • Medication errors, medical errors, objects retained during surgery, bedsores and post-surgical infections are some of the most common hospital medical malpractice causes
  • New York, New Jersey, California, and Florida are the cities with the highest medical negligence payouts in the United States
  • All medical malpractice insurance policies work in a different way
  • Finding a professional medical malpractice lawyer is not easy
  • The cost of medical malpractice insurance is not rising
  • Some medical malpractice cases occur due to sexual misconduct at healthcare centers
  • Medical malpractice lawsuits take time
  • People take months to realize that they become the victim of medical malpractice
  • Medical negligence cases raise healthcare costs
  • Paralysis and brain damage are the medical malpractice lawsuits with the highest payouts
  • $29 billion is the annual cost of treating medical errors that could be preventable
  • Majority of the medical malpractice attorneys work on contingency fees
  • Having a team of medical malpractice lawyers or attorneys by your side will help you receive the compensation you deserve for your loss

Medical malpractice affects the lives of victims and their families. If you or your loved ones have suffered from medical negligence in Philadelphia, choose one of the experienced lawyers or attorneys. By hiring an experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyer Philadelphia or attorney, you’ll get the right compensation for your pain and suffering.


Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Philadelphia Hospitals

Are you injured by Medical Malpractice in hospital?

Medical Malpractice” relates to a claim for money damages based on a medical professional’s failure to provide proper care, resulting in injury. It could be an act, such as giving the wrong medication, or a failure to act, such as not ordering antibiotics when someone has an infection.

It is important to remember that most medical professionals are very skilled and competent peoples, and many of the things a lay person might think is malpractice is not. Nonetheless, medical errors do happen every day. In fact, tens of thousands of people are victims of medical malpractice each year, many in the result of permanent injuries or death. But every patient has the right to be treated with competent care by their medical professionals.

The Knowledge To Succeed Against Strong Opponents

Medical malpractice cases are considered among the most challenging personal injury cases. It is a fact that tens of thousands of people are injured or killed each year by medical malpractice in hospitals. And while medicine is not an exact science, every patient has the right to competent medical care by physicians, nurses and hospitals. If you have a medical malpractice claim, it is important that you have competent representation to assist you.

You need a medical malpractice attorney with in-depth knowledge of medicine, medical malpractice law, the defense lawyers and trial practice, that our firm provides. Our law firm’s professionals has successfully tried many medical malpractice negligence cases all over the state of Philadelphia. We understand how to build strong cases against physicians, physician groups and hospitals. Experience makes a difference. Call us at (215) 298-9143.

Lawyer In Your Time Of Need

We understand how medical mistakes can affect your life and the lives of your family members. Philadelphia Injury Lawyers Firm will guide you through the legal process, and deliver results in the courtroom.

Why You Need Expert Attorneys

Medical malpractice is a very specialized field of law. And because of the costs associated with medical malpractice cases, and the need to understand medicine and manage expert medical witnesses, most lawyers will not accept medical malpractice cases.

If you believe you or a loved one is a victim of medical malpractice, you need to speak with an attorney with the experience and proven track record of success in handling these complex cases. The attorneys at Philadelphia Injury Lawyers focus their practice on all medical malpractice and medical injury-related lawsuits, including claims of emotional distress. Whether you or your loved ones are a victim of a failure to diagnose, a surgical complication, a traumatic brain injury, a spinal cord injury, a birth injury, an amputation, wrongful death or any other type of medical injury, Philadelphia Injury Lawyers has the knowledge and experience to handle your case effectively and correctly.

Philadelphia Injury Lawyers Firm

In every medical malpractice case, the victim must prove that the medical professional (for example, a doctor or a nurse) failed to provide the same treatment that other competent doctors or nurses would provide under the same circumstances. Also, that the doctor’s treatment resulted in an injury or death to the victim. This almost always requires the use of medical expert witnesses to give their opinion as whether the doctor or nurse did something wrong. Proving that the doctor or nurse did something wrong that caused an injury is referred to as “liability.”

Once liability is established, the victim will be entitled to money damages. However, economic damages for wage loss, money you have spent because of your injury and future medical expenses may also be recovered.

Does The Firm Handle Cases In My Hometown?

Yes. While Philadelphia Injury Lawyers is an Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney firm, we have offices in Southern California and represent clients throughout the state.

Free Initial Consultation

If you, or a loved one, have suffered a life-changing personal injury, please contact Willoughby Law Firm for a FREE consultation about any type of medical negligence claim, wrongful death or personal injury claim. You can call our law office in downtown Philadelphia at (215) 298-9143 or contact us by submitting an online Contact Us form here. No fee unless we provide results.

Remember, the sooner you begin this process, the sooner your life will return to the normal life. So, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns if you or a loved one has been injured.

How Can a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?

If you have been injured in a car accident, then you need an well experienced lawyer who can help you. When you contact our associates, attorney professional of Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer will make sure to take care of you by sending out an investigator. They will interview you and take photographs of the automobile involved in the auto wreck, and we will gather everything necessary such as witnesses, information from the car crash and any other details that can support your claims.

Accidents can cause a serious injury – or many other injuries. The stress from the pain ultimately adds on with medical bills, causing you to struggle both physically and financially. A car accident lawyer from our Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer can help you recover any money lost during these struggling times after a vehicle accident which can include medical bills, lost wages and any other pain and suffering. Contact your car accident expert at (215) 298-9143 or Submit Your Case Online so an accident lawyer can start on your case right now.

Information About Auto Accidents in Philadelphia:

People often don’t realize that after being involved in an accident that causes a personal injury, they will definitely need an injury lawyer. Remember that having a lawyer by your side doesn’t mean you are filing a lawsuit. This only means that you are protecting your rights, which you should always do, especially when the insurance company refuses to pay for all of your damages. Never sign anything before talking to a car accident professional lawyer so you can get the fair compensation you deserve, not a quick settlement that the insurance company thinks you are owed.

Keep these questions in mind when dealing with a car crash:

  • What is the total of my medical bills?
  • What is the extent of my injuries?
  • Will I need future medical care?
  • Were you hurt on the job?
  • Will you need a new automobile?

Car Accident / Wrongful Death Attorney:

We make sure to handle each case compassionately, especially if these involved the death of a loved one. We understand that these are hard times filled with financial and emotional struggle. Driving on roads in our state should not be dangerous, but unfortunately sometimes an accident can be unavoidable. The worst result of these wrecks is when someone losses their life as a result of another person’s negligence. If you have lost someone dear to you due to an accident, make sure to contact somebody from our firm as soon as you need the help about your accident case. We can help you throughout your case, so you can receive the compensation that you and your family are owed for this pain and suffering. Receive the closure you deserve. Contact a car wreck lawyer from our Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer today at (215) 298-9143 or fill out the FREE case evaluation on our website. We promise to work hard for you and your family, helping you get set on the path to financial and emotional recovery.

Amputation Malpractice: Why Is Happens And How To Avoid It?

Losing a limb can be truly devastating and this could happen to anyone without any warning. Amputations could be a lifelong ordeal, especially if the loss of hand, foot, arm or leg will result in the person’s permanent disability. According to a medical malpractice lawyer in Philadelphia, there are approximately two million Americans who are dealing with amputations. Although there are advanced remedies to lessen the agony of a person with a case of amputation like the use of prosthetics, there is still a struggle on the victim because his or her life will be changed forever.

What are the common causes of amputations?

The common causes where a doctor will suggest amputation to the patient may include the following:

  • Poor blood circulation

Certain medical conditions can damage the arteries that are responsible for the good flow of blood circulation. When a person has poor circulation, the blood isn’t delivering enough oxygen and nutrients to the other parts of the body including the tissues. If this continues to happen, the tissue may die and be prone to infection. Amputation is recommended when the tissue dies.

  • Infection

When a person is already infected with the serious condition of infection where no type of antibiotics or treatment can be administered, the affected tissue may die and eventually require amputation to prevent the spread of infection or affecting other parts of the body or bloodstream.

  • Serious injury

Another incident where a person will need amputation is due to accidents where severe crushing or burning to the limbs or part of a limb is affected.

  • Growth of tumor

There are medical cases when a patient is diagnosed with the growth of tumor in the bones, muscles or part of a limb and the doctor may require amputation to avoid the growth of tumor from spreading or affecting other vital parts of the body.

  • Frostbite

Yes, severe frostbites can permanently kill the tissues of the affected parts of the body like fingers, hands, feet or toes. If the doctor found the severe damaged on the tissue and there is no way to save it, amputation is performed.

What can be the cause of wrongful amputation?

Wrongful amputation happens when the attending doctor or medical professional according to the Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney committed a mistake while performing the treatment or cause greater harm to the patient. Below are cases where negligence or medical malpractice can be valid for a lawsuit:

  • Misdiagnosis, delay or failure to diagnose correctly

When a doctor misdiagnoses or encounters failure or delays in providing a correct diagnosis of a patient like a case of infection, peripheral artery disease or diabetes, amputation is performed due to failure to detect or treat the existing medical illness.

  • Failure to provide right treatment

Another case of medical malpractice that results to wrongful amputation is when a doctor gives a correct diagnosis of the condition of the patient, but failed to provide the right care or medical treatment and led to amputation.

  • Chart errors

Among the medical malpractices that could arise is when a doctor, nurse or hospital employee committed a mistake in giving wrong information like charts and amputation are the result of this error.

What are the side effects of wrongful amputations?

Wrongful amputations have serious side effects to the life of a patient and often lead to the following:

  • Permanent disability
  • Muscle and tissue loss
  • Depression
  • Prosthetic problems
  • Infection

How to avoid a medical malpractice?

According to an experienced medical malpractice lawyer in Philadelphia, anyone can prevent a medical malpractice by following these best practices:

  • Find a reputable and caring doctor.
  • Take good care of your health.
  • Get support from a loved when having to deal with a serious medical illness.
  • Disclose your medical information correctly to avoid the wrong diagnosis.
  • Trust your innermost feelings when it comes to what your body tells you.
  • Follow your doctor’s medical advice.
  • Comply strictly with your doctor’s required follow-up visits.
  • Get a second opinion.

What happens if you or a loved one has been a victim of wrongful amputation?

If you or a loved one has been a victim of wrongful amputation in Philadelphia, get the professional advice of a Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney and determine if a medical malpractice case can be filed.