Pre-Surgery Checklist: 5 Critical Questions for Your Doctor

Getting into a medical surgery can indeed be a worrisome task from health and financial angles. A patient or the family members must get an idea of the procedures involved therein. Several questions about the insurance coverage and actions of the surgeons become crucial throughout the process. Obtaining answers about such topics can help the patient or the family in claiming legal remedies if needed. Here are some questions curated by our professional Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer at Philadelphia Injury Lawyers, P.C. you must ask before any surgery.

Must-Ask Questions from the Doctor and the Medical Attendants

What is the second opinion in the patient’s case?

Sometimes the applicable health plan comes with the mandate of taking a second opinion from another qualified doctor. It also gives the patient and the family a thumbs up to move ahead in the right direction. So, a second opinion is necessary according to our experienced lawyer for medical claims and personal satisfaction.

Why is the particular operation or procedure being performed?

Nobody can make a person undergo any type of medical procedure forcefully; violations invite legal penalties. A patient must consent to undergo the operation or any treatment; consent comes after being informed thoroughly. This is why a well-qualified law firm like ours, Philadelphia Injury Lawyers, P.C. always suggests our clients enquire about the medical procedure beforehand.

What are the qualifications, experience, and records of the surgeon?

Cases of medical negligence are increasing regularly and lack of knowledge/ experience is the primary reason behind such cases. Always ask about the qualification and experience of the assigned doctor regarding the specific surgery. Our expert Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer also suggests checking the previous record to be wary about any pending or disposed of criminal action against the doctor or team.

What are the associated risks of the operation or surgery?

This is also highly crucial because the patient must know the probable consequences and ill effects on the health after the surgery. This marks the difference between normal side effects and uncommon effects on health post-surgery. Any unusual occurrence may point out the negligent behavior or act of the surgeon. Thus, competent law firms like Philadelphia Injury Lawyers, P.C. consider this question significant for legal actions.

What type of expenses will be covered in the insurance plan?

Understandably, a lot of expenses are involved in medical procedures that can make anybody worry. However, having a healthcare insurance plan can take care of such expenses. The catch here is that people face claiming hassles because they realize later that their package does not cover most of the medical expenses. Therefore, it is wise to be alert prior and know what your plan covers. Take help from our judicious attorney for more clarity. One should remember that surgery is not just about a medical procedure, but it may also invite legal formalities, legal liabilities, and more. Thus, one must proceed with such situations with the help of our prudent and learned lawyers at Philadelphia Injury Lawyers, P.C.

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