5 Most Common Personal Injuries

5 Most Common Personal Injuries

Injuries can happen to anyone anytime due to one’s own or another person’s negligence. Some commonly reported consequences of such injuries are loss of income, disability, medical expenses, job termination, and more. But, if such adverse consequences had happened due to the negligence of somebody else, you are legally eligible to get compensated by the wrongdoer. However, for quicker actions and reimbursements, you will need the help of well-versed Philadelphia personal injury lawyers.

Here are the top 5 personal injuries that are often eligible for compensation.

Injuries in Vehicle Accidents

The numbers of car accidents are alarming, where one party suffers injuries due to rash and negligent driving by another. The gravity of these harms and the compensations can vary from case to case. Our practiced attorneys will get you the deserved compensation if any damage happens to the vehicle or any person from the defaulting party. It will be beneficial if you can note down the essential details like the number of the vehicle, model of the vehicle, and physical appearance of the driver if the defaulting party.

Injuries Due To Medical Negligence

Other commonly reported personal injuries are due to the negligent act of the doctors, nurses, physicians, and other members of the medical staff. We have a specialized team of Philadelphia personal injury lawyers for these sensitive matters. The scope of these harms is much wider, and many subheads can be made liable for compensation. Birth injuries sustained by the newborn baby or the mother also fall here. Otherwise, overdosage, wrong treatment, leaving of a surgical instrument inside the patient, delayed diagnosis, etc., are some of the common examples liable for compensation.

Injuries Due To Slip And Fall

These are probably the most common types of personal injuries happening to one or the other person each day. Slip and fall accidents can take place anywhere. At Philadelphia Injury Lawyers, P.C., we have dealt with cases where the damages under this head were done on roads, in offices, in factories, and other public areas. Slip and fall due to jumbled wires, weak stairs, bumpy roads, potholes, uneven surfaces, slippery floors, unnecessary cluttering, midway blocking, insufficient training, etc., invite legal compensations.

Injuries Due To Faulty Products

People usually miss out on these types of personal injuries because they either do not know about them or find the legal process involved quite cumbersome. But, we, as a devoted law firm, aspire to provide services for every possible sphere of personal injuries including harm from faulty products. These are usually called Product Liabilities where the manufacturer errs in the making of the product. It can either be a physical or technical fault where both situations are eligible for compensation from the manufacturer or even the middlemen in some cases.

Loss Due To Wrongful Death

The death of a person causes mental suffering to the dependents. Thus, the law provides for compensation to the family where the death was in the course of the employment, fault of a driver, or other negligent act of any person.

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