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Biggest Medical Malpractice Payouts And Settlements in U.S.

Medical Malpractice

Patients have the right to proficient medical care from their health practitioners. Around 210,000 to 440,000 patients suffer medical malpractice in hospitals each year in U.S. Medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Medical negligence can cause life-changing injuries to patients. 

Statistics for Medical Malpractice Cases

  • There are more than 250,000 medical malpractice cases in the U.S. each year.
  • 1 out of 14 claims are awarded more than a million dollars.
  • Neurosurgeons face a higher risk of malpractice than other health practitioners.
  • Only 2% of people who suffer from medical negligence file lawsuits to receive compensation.
  • More than 12,000 people die from unnecessary surgery each year in the United States.
  • About 1.5 million people suffer from medication errors each year.

Highest Medical Malpractice Payouts in the History of the United States

$11 Million To An Arizona Man

A man based in Arizona suffered fatal injuries such as plastic bags, ketchup packets and candy wrappers due to foreign objects in his stomach. An amount of $11 million was award to him as compensation.

$74.5 Million Due to Falsified Medical Records

Doctors failed to deliver a baby properly in California. The doctor didn’t use forceps during the delivery and the infant suffers from cerebral palsy. He even falsified medical records to cover up their negligence. So, $74.5 million was awarded to the victim as compensation.

$58.6 Million Due to Infant Brain Damage

The doctor failed to do C-section delivery during a difficult birth. And the infant suffered a severe brain damaged. The child can’t talk, walk and eat. So, the victim was awarded $58.6 million as compensation.

$38.5 Million Awarded to A Man in Florida

In 2008, a man started experiencing cramps in his body in Florida. The doctor suggested manual joint manipulations and the patient suffered a stroke during the procedure. He stayed in a coma for 4 years. The lawsuit was filed against the doctor who admitted that the procedure was unnecessary and $38.5 million was paid by the doctor as compensation.

$20.5 Million As A Compensation For Birth Injury.

A woman in Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit against her doctor as her baby suffered birth injuries. Her kid now lives with cerebral palsy and can’t use his hands. The child received $20.5 million as compensation for his injuries.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical malpractice can have distressing effects on victims and their families. If you or your family members have suffered from medical malpractice or negligence in Philadelphia, count on one of the experienced lawyers or attorneys. By having an experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyer Philadelphia or attorney by your side, you’ll obtain the appropriate settlement for your pain and suffering, mental loss and financial loss.

Philadelphia Coronavirus: Tips To Follow For Prevention


Coronavirus was reported in December 2019 in Wuhan, China for the first time. Also known as COVID-19, this novel virus can infect anyone. Coronavirus is named after its shape and it infects the lungs. This virus was originally transmitted from animals to people. Now, it is spreading from person-to-person. COVID-19 has spread to more than 150 countries. Hundreds of new cases are being reported every day globally.

This deadly respiratory virus is affecting every country. All the cities across the United States are taking measures to fight this novel virus. Businesses, food hubs, bars, schools, malls, and restaurants shut down to slow the spread of COVID-19. Employees are allowed to work from home to reduce coronavirus cases. Philadelphia Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley announced 16 more coronavirus cases in Philadelphia during a recent news conference. The Philadelphia Police Department decided to delay arrest for non-violent offenses. Their mission is to protect the health and safety of officers and the community. If someone is showing coronavirus symptoms in Philly, the Health Department will get them tested and will keep track of people who are under investigation.

Tips to Prevent Coronavirus in Philadelphia

Social Distancing

Social distancing is one of the best ways to prevent coronavirus. Avoid getting in close to people. This will vastly prevent this epidemic disease to spread.

Wear A Mask If You Are Sick

It is advisable to wear a mask when you are around other people. If you are not sick, you don’t need to wear a facemask.

Wash Your Hands With Soap and Water

The best thing you can do to prevent coronavirus is to wash your hands often. Use soap and water to clean your hands regularly.

Use Hand Sanitizer

Don’t forget to keep a hand sanitizer with you as you can’t use soap and water all the time to clean your hands.

Avoid Direct Contact With Infected People

It is advisable to avoid direct contact with sick people. Don’t hug, kiss and handshake! And stay at home most of the time. This will help to prevent spreading this virus.

Clean Your Kitchen and Bathroom Regularly

You should clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces, door handles, mobiles and laptops regularly. Keeping your kitchen and bathroom will help you prevent coronavirus.

Avoid Coughing Openly

Make sure that you follow good respiratory hygiene. It is advisable to cover your mouth with a tissue or the bend of your elbow.

Make Your Immune System Strong

A strong immune system can fight against any virus. Be sure to do regular exercise, eat healthy food and drink lots of water. This will help you keep healthy.

Get Enough Sleep

It is important to get atleast enough sleep. You’ll feel dizzy due to lack of enough sleep. So, you should sleep for minimum 8 hours.

Don’t Panic, Just Prepare Yourself

Fear can make you feel sick. You should take precautions to protect yourself from COVID-19. No need to panic! You should start doing breathing and relaxation exercises to combat stress. Just prepare yourself to fight against this virus!

There are no specific treatments for COVID-19 yet but doctors are trying hard to prepare a vaccine for this virus. As prevention is better than cure, you should follow the tips mentioned in this article to prevent this virus.

When Should You Call A Personal Injury Lawyer After An Accident?

Personal Injusy Lawyer
Personal Injusy Lawyer

Injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence? Wondering when to call a personal injury attorney? It’s never too early to call an attorney or lawyer after an accident. It is advisable to contact a professional lawyer if any of the following matches your situation.

  • The accident caused a fatal injury
  • You are not sure that who is at fault
  • The accident involves motorists or cyclists
  • The crash happened in a construction zone or other protected area
  • Facing financial hardship
  • You are not aware of mixed messages by the insurance company

Your first priority after an accident should be your safety. So, you should go for medical treatment after an accident. Once you receive the treatment, your next priority should be hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer to get the maximum possible compensation for your pain and suffering.

How A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help?

A professional personal injury lawyer can assist in the following ways.

  • Getting copies of all medical bills along with your medical history
  • Negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf
  • Filing suit on your behalf
  • Representing you at trial

Benefits of Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

There are numerous benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer if you have been hurt in a car accident.

Dealing with the Insurance Company- Insurance companies try to deny the compensation you deserve to settle your case quality without offering you the right compensation. Don’t be a fool in front of them! You should hire a lawyer at the right time to make things simple. Remember, hiring a professional lawyer will help you obtain the compensation you deserve for your loss.

Reducing Uncertainty- Hiring one of the experienced lawyers or attorneys can help you focus on your health. They will handle all your legal process. A personal injury lawyer can also estimate the potential damages you can get compensation for. By having an experienced lawyer fighting for you, you’ll definitely get the right settlement.

Save Your Time- Filing a claim for injury is a process that needs medical records to communicate with the insurance company. An experienced attorney can help you receive compensation in less time.

Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injuries can affect a person’s health to quality of life. Having a personal injury in Philadelphia due to someone else’s wrongful act? Talk to a professional Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney to get the right compensation for your pain and suffering.

Most Common Types of Hotel Injuries

Hotel Injuries

Hotel accidents happen every day in the United States. These accidents are avoidable. Just a reasonable amount of care is required. Hotel owners need to keep their property clean and safe. They should provide full protection to their guests.

Common Injuries Caused Due to Hotel Accidents in Philadelphia

  • Broken bones, head injuries, and sprains
  • Burns from scalding water in the hotel room
  • Bed bugs
  • Injuries from broken furniture in the hotel
  • Injuries from broken steps in hotels
  • Food poisoning at the hotel
  • Electrical burns or Fire accidents
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Elevator accidents
  • Escalator accidents
  • Golf cart accidents
  • Parking lot car accidents
  • Landscaping injuries
  • Contusions and Lacerations
  • Nerve Damage
  • Hip and Knee Injuries
  • Fractures
  • Neck and Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Injuries due to exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Assaults

Types of Hotel Accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents- Slip and fall accident is one of the most common causes of accidents at hotels. Spills of food, dirty washrooms, torn carpets, wet or cracked flooring are some of the reasons that cause slip and fall accidents.

Food Poisoning- Hotels offer food, buffets and room service to thousands of guests each year. Guests can feel sick and can suffer from food poisoning if the food is not fresh or the staff is not hygienic.

Faulty Equipment- Faulty equipment in hotels can cause serious injuries to guests. Some hotels may ignore replacing broken furniture and this leads to injuries to guests.

Burns- Hotels allow people to smoke. Guests can burn other people with their cigarettes. Sometimes faulty irons in rooms can cause fires resulting in burns and scarring.

Pool Accidents- Due to slippery tiles, broken floors or broken ladders, guests become the victim of pool accidents. They slip and suffer from fatal injuries.

Bed bugs- Bed bugs can infest hotel mattresses, pillows, furniture. They are very small insects and are hard to see. These bugs can cause skin irritation, itching, and infections.

Traumatic Brain Injuries- Traumatic Brain Injuries are a serious type of injury. The victims of this injury can develop long-term complications.

Sexual Assaults- Sexual assaults can happen in any hotel at any time. Some hotels have a lack of cameras and security. The chances of assaults are higher where there is no or less security.

When a hotel is unable to provide safety for guests, they may receive compensation for a fatal injury at the hotel. A law firm will help you prove that a hotel should be held liable for your pain and suffering and you’ll receive the settlement for your loss.

Hotel Injury Lawyer

If you or your family member has suffered a fatal injury due to an accident in a hotel, you can go for the legal claim. Consult a professional Hotel Injury Lawyer Philadelphia to file a claim! Experienced lawyers or attorneys can help you obtain the right compensation for your pain and suffering.

Personal Injury Lawsuits: Step-by-Step

Personal Injury Lawsuit

Injuries happen every day. If you or your family member got injured due to someone else’s negligence, you may need to file as a personal injury claim to receive the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering. Well, hiring a personal injury lawyer or attorney for the first time may seem daunting as there are many lawyers or attorneys available. It is advisable to choose an experienced law firm that is committed to providing the appropriate settlement for your loss.

Personal Injury Lawsuit Process From Start To Finish

Step 1- Look For A Professional Personal Injury Attorney

It is important to choose a personal injury attorney before you decide to file a lawsuit. In the initial consultation, you’ll get to know the lawyer and about their work process. You’ll explain your case to the attorney in detail. A consistent description of your accident is one of the most important elements of your lawsuit. The attorney will analyse your case thoroughly. You should hire an attorney that you are comfortable with.

Step 2- File The Claim

Once you hire an attorney, it’s time to file the claim. You’ll need to submit the amount of compensation you expect. Remember, the process of filing a personal injury claim is not that simple as it involves too many documents. So, your attorney will help you file the claim without hassle.

Step 3- Negotiating A Settlement

Once you file a claim, the insurance will either accept your demand or issue a counter offer. Your attorney will help you receive the right settlement by negotiating with the insurance company. Your attorney will advise you throughout the personal injury lawsuit process.

Step 4- Trial

In case you and the insurance company fail to reach a settlement, the case will go to trial. The trial starts with opening statements and ends with stopping arguments. The trial process involves two stages. First, the jury decides if you are liable. If yes, the jury determines the cost of damages. Losses may include your physical injuries, financial loss, mental illness, and other damages.

Step 5- Collecting Your Settlement

Once you reach a settlement, your attorney will go through the process of collecting your settlement.

Every personal injury case is different. So, not every personal injury case will follow the exact steps. But in general, attorneys or lawyers handle a personal injury case from start to finish in this way.

Personal Injury Attorney

Suffered a personal injury in Philadelphia due to someone’s negligence? Need to start the personal injury lawsuit process? Speak to a professional Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney and take a step forward to get the right compensation for your medical treatment, lost wages, and other damages.

Car Accident Facts Everyone Should Know In U.S.

Car Accidents

Automobiles have revolutionized the world, helping you travel greater distances. We can’t ignore the importance of vehicles, but there is one side effect i.e. fatal automobile accidents that happen every year due to some common causes including distracted driving, drunk driving, worst weather conditions, tailgating, speeding car faults and a much more. With an increase in people on the road, the number of car accidents is getting high. By understanding the common causes and risks of car crashes, you’ll be able to handle these incidents successfully.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in the United States

Distracted or Drunk Driving

Distracted driving is one of the major causes of car accidents in the U.S. each year. Distracted driving includes texting while driving, speaking to passengers while driving and eating while driving.

Speeding and Tailgating

Speeding is also one of the common causes of car accidents in the U.S. every year. One should follow the speed limit to avoid crashes. Tailgating is also another sign of reckless driving which leads to car collisions.

Worst Weather Conditions Like Rain

Bad weather conditions increase the risk of car accidents in the U.S. If you’re unable to see clearly due to the worst weather, you should avoid driving and wait for the weather to get clear.

Here are a few important car accident facts in the United States:

  • About 135,000,000 cars are on the roads in the United States.
  • A car accident is one of the common causes of death in the U.S.
  • Distracted driving is the major contributing cause of car crashes in the United States.
  • Distracted driving is commonly known as the ‘new drunk driving’.
  • Distracted driving is responsible for over 55% of teen accidents.
  • The highest number of car accidents occur in the month of May each year.
  • Drivers are more likely to be injured in an auto crash than passengers, pedestrians, and bike riders.
  • More than 10 pedestrian students are killed by school buses each year in the U.S.
  • More than 40% of all fatal crashes involve alcohol.
  • Most car crashes happen near the driver’s home.
  • Men are more likely to be intoxicated in fatal car accidents as compared to women.
  • Car crashes cost estimated $300 billion each year.
  • The highest number of car accidents happened during weekends.
  • The oldest drivers are at the highest risk for fatal car accidents.
  • Vehicle rollovers are the most serious type of auto crashes.
  • More than 5,000 teens are killed in car accidents each year.
  • 1 out of 4 individuals complained about intrusive symptoms after an auto crash.
  • About 10% of people feel headaches after a car collision.
  • Speeding drivers cause a car collision every 30 minutes.
  • More than 80% of impaired drivers died in car accidents.
Philadelphia Injury Lawyers

If you or your family member has been injured in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, consult a professional attorney or lawyer to receive the right compensation. Hiring one of the professional Philadelphia Injury Lawyers or attorneys will help you get the maximum possible compensation.

Highest Injury Lawsuit In the History Of U.S.: Case Study


Being injured by someone’s negligence is a confusing experience. By learning about the process of personal injury claim, you’ll receive the maximum possible compensation. The amount of compensation a victim receives actually depends on several factors. We have compiled a list of some of the biggest personal injury lawsuits in American history.

Highest Injury Settlements in the History of the United States

Philip Morris: Smoking Products

Philip Morris, Altria Group Inc., faced charges in a legal claim filed by a lady who had lung cancer and claimed that smoking cigarettes made her sick. The company was ordered to pay $28 billion as punitive damages and $850,000 as compensatory damages. Philip Morris appealed the case and the amount was reduced to $28 million after 9 years.

$27.5 Million as Compensation to Bus Accident Victim

A woman named Gloria Aguilar received $27.5 million as compensation in Manhattan after she suffered fatal injuries in a bus accident. Her left leg was amputated in the accident.

$22 Million as Compensation to Accident Victim

A woman named Shirley Miller received $22 million as compensation in New York after she suffered serious harm in a truck accident. This deadly accident left her with permanent brain damage and several injuries in the body.

$32.5 Million as Compensation to Accident Victim Due to a Defective Seatbelt

A seatbelt in a vehicle protects the driver and passengers during a crash. The driver and the passenger suffer damage when a seatbelt fails. A man named Mark Force suffered a deadly brain injury in an automobile accident when his seatbelt failed. He filed a legal claim against Ford Motor Company and Mazda Motor Company. He received $32.5 million as compensation.

Owens Corning: Asbestos Building Materials

Owens Corning Corp. claimed that its iasbestos building materials caused and death. This company paid $1.2 billion asbestos-related product liability lawsuits in December, 1998.

$60 Million as Compesation to Gas Station Manager

In 1997, Donald French, the gas station manager, suffered a permanent, debilitating injury caused by a train derailment. He received a total of $60 million as compensation for his pain and suffering.

Dow Corning: Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone breast implants became highly popular in the 1980s. In 1998, Dow Corning agreed to pay $2 billion as compensation for class action lawsuit filed by customers who claimed that their silicone breast implants caused injuries and death.

Injury Lawsuit
Injury Lawsuit

If you or your loved one has suffered a serious injury in Philadelphia due to someone else’s negligence, you can go for legal assistance in Philly.  It is advisable to speak to one of the professional Philadelphia Injury Lawyers or attorneys. An experienced lawyer, attorney or law firm will help you get the right compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.