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How To Know When You’re Entitled To A Slip And Fall Claim? 

How To Know When You’re Entitled To A Slip And Fall Claim? 

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You and your attorney must establish negligence before claiming money for the fall and slip injuries. Your case must include evidence that the owner of the property is accountable for the injury. You must be capable of demonstrating that the landowner was negligent in failing to safeguard you before the fall to do this. To prove that the slip & fall event led to your wounds and eventual damages, you can always rely upon lawfirms like Philadelphia slip and fall lawyers. Though it’s a complicated procedure of assembling evidence, eyewitness statements and much more is required. 

How to Prove Liability in a Fall and Slip Case

At grocery stores, cafes, and on private land, fall and slip incidents are prevalent, but establishing that the landowner is at blame can be challenging. Our attorneys must demonstrate that the land owner knowingly or unintentionally caused your damages to file a case. You would first establish any of the abilities to follow:

  • A broken step or pool of water lying on the ground are examples of highly unsafe conditions that the proprietor or manager of the building ought to have been informed of and remedied or repaired before your incident occurred. Here, scheduling is a significant problem. Did the land owner of the residence have “adequate” time to address the issue before the slip & fall happened?
  • The landowner or proprietor was the one who caused the hazardous situation that made you fall and trip, for instance, by failing to remove an obstruction from your route.

How to Show Negligence

The four elements of carelessness must be established in your fall and slip claim:

  • The homeowner of the property owed it to protect you from potentially dangerous situations.
  • The property owner broke this obligation, which led to damages.
  • Your losses and subsequent damages.
  • The responsible party (landowner) must make up for your losses.

Duties of Care

The landowner’s obligation of care will usually depend on your visitor status if you have a legitimate fall and slip damage case.

  • A guest is a person the landowner has permitted to enter the premises. For instance, a colleague, friend, or neighbour would be regarded as an invitee. Usually, the landowner owes the attendant a fair duty of caution to maintain the premises risk-free.
  • The landowner has given the applicant access to the premises only for the licensee’s exclusive use. A licensee might work as a salesperson or subcontractor. In this situation, the landowner owes the applicant a lower obligation of care to alert him to a potentially harmful situation.
  • A person not allowed to be present on the land is considered a home invader. Most of the time, except if the stranger was a minor, landowners have no responsibility to him. 

Each day, dozens of individuals suffer injuries while on the land of others. You might well be able to receive compensation for the fall and slip injuries if that is a question you are considering. You may be entitled to compensation for losses and damages such as discomfort and suffering, health costs, lost pay, suffering mentally, or loss of pleasure in life. The emotional and financial weight of an incident that wasn’t your responsibility shouldn’t fall on you. You can go through Philadelphia slip and fall lawyers if you desire to hold a landowner accountable for your damages after slipping and falling on another person’s land.

Common Cold-Weather Injuries And How To Prevent Them

Common Cold-Weather Injuries And How To Prevent Them

Those who are already injured or have just been injured often report additional discomfort when the temperature drops. This is not uncommon throughout the winter months. Anyone who has had a joint replacement or another kind of surgery is already more sensitive to the effects of cold weather. 

Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyer

Injuries occurred in winter

The consequences of being injured in the cold may be very unpleasant, if not deadly. It’s possible to become lost in the wilderness when hiking, hunting, or just skating in the snow. To avoid an injury, it’s important to know how to spot symptoms, how to seek medical attention, and how to prevent one from occurring.

The Most Common Injuries In Winter


There are several types of frostbite, but the most frequent is frostbite, which may be mild or severe depending on the period of exposure. Due to the body’s natural tendency to focus more blood on the heart when it’s frigid, this results in the limbs receiving less blood. Feeling sore, stinging, and numbness are some of the most common symptoms of frostbite. In severe cases, neglected frostbite might lead to disability.


Excessive exposure to cold may cause hypothermia, which is a drop in core body temperature below 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Snoring, difficulty speaking, and drowsiness are all common signs of this condition. If someone begins to show signs of hypothermia, you must begin warming them up slowly but rapidly.

Snow blindness

When it’s cold and snowy, many don’t think to apply sunscreen or wear sunglasses, which leads to snow blindness and sunburn. Because of the UV radiation reflected off the snow, snow blindness may occur. If the light bothers your eyes or makes them itch, it’s time to choose a lower light area.

Slips and falls

This may occur on icy outdoor surfaces. Broken bones, sore backs, and sprained joints are all common problems. Another typical occurrence is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). It is possible to reduce your risk of sliding on ice by paying attention to your stance when walking in the winter. Stretch your arms out to your sides and waddle like a penguin with short, leisurely steps and slightly bent knees. After a fall, it’s critical to get the proper attention. A shattered bone, intense discomfort, or an inability to get out of bed are all indications that you should seek immediate medical attention. Do not wait to get medical attention if you have a loss of consciousness or severe headache after the fall, nausea, and vomiting or if you are using a blood-thinning drug.

Neck and Back Injury

To avoid neck and back injuries when shoveling, it is crucial to use good technique. Push the snow aside with the shovel rather than lifting it. The best way to protect your back is to bend your knees slightly. Stretching your muscles to get them warmed up is another option.

Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyer

The danger of slipping and falling increases dramatically when ice forms on the roadways and sidewalks. Who is taking the burden of your medical bills if you slip and fall into icy conditions? Sidewalks and driveways must be cleared by property owners and business operators equally. Blustery weather brings with it the risk of slips, falls, and other mishaps on icy surfaces. It all comes down to where what, and why the accident happened following a winter injury. If you get injured due to a slip and fall and you want to claim a lawsuit, then you need to contact an experienced law firm. You can Click Here to contact a Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyer at Philadelphia Injury Lawyers, P.C. We have quite experienced attorneys to handle any slip and fall case.

Everything You Need To Know About Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and Fall Attorney Philadelphia

Slip and fall accidents are among the common accidents in the United States. This type of accident can change your days, weeks, and even your life. Slip and fall injuries are quite painful and cost millions of dollars in medical bills and lost wages.

Common Causes of Slip and Falls

  • Uneven surfaces with no warning signs
  • Parking lot potholes
  • Poor lighting
  • Debris on the floor
  • Weather Conditions
  • Footwear

Slip and falls causes the following types of injuries:

  • Broken Bones
  • Head Injury
  • Neck Injury
  • Spinal Injury
  • Back Injury
  • Cuts and Abrasions
  • Shoulder Dislocations or Muscle Strains

Broken Bones- The pressure from slipping on an uneven surface may cause a bone to break. Broken bones can be painful injuries that demand a number of surgeries. The most common body parts injured from a slip and fall accident are the knee and ankle. By choosing one of the leading attorneys, you’ll receive the care and compensation you deserve.

Head Injury- Head injuries can be the most serious injuries caused due to slips and falls. These accidents cause 40% of all traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in the United States. Victims may need long-term care after a serious brain injury. They may feel dizziness, loss of balance, nausea after falling, and sudden headache after having a fatal head injury. Immediate medical attention is needed after this type of injury.

Neck Injury- When an object falls on a person, then the muscles of the neck could be strained, a fracture could happen or a disc could herniate. All these injuries need a long time for recovery.

Spinal Injury- When the spinal cord is compressed, spinal cord injuries occur. These injuries are sometimes devastating and need immediate medical treatment. A spinal cord injury is one of the most painful injuries you can suffer during a slip and fall accident.

Back Injury- A broken back can be quite debilitating. This type of slip and fall injury requires surgery and it may take months or years to recover completely. Some people suffer from back pain for the rest of their life after this type of injury.

Cuts and Abrasions- Sometimes, an unexpected slip and fall can cause cuts on your knees, elbows, arms, legs, and head. Even if these cuts don’t look serious, it is advisable to get them checked out.

Shoulder Dislocations or Muscle Strains- When you slip or fall and hit the shoulder first, you may dislocate your shoulder. A dislocated shoulder will need weeks of rest and rehabilitation.

Preventing Slip and Fall Injury

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Avoid clutter
  • Use proper lighting
  • Clean up wet surfaces
  • Good housekeeping

After you have a slip and fall accident, contact a doctor to check your injury. After getting your treatment, speak to an experienced Slip and Fall Attorney Philadelphia. A leading law firm can handle your case perfectly and help you receive the maximum possible compensation.

Common injuries that can occur slipping on ice, Find the best Slip and Fall Lawyer

It is an aspect of winter in Philadelphia that few people — if any — look forward to: shoveling snow and scraping ice from sidewalks, driveways and other walkways.

While most people accept this unpleasant part of winter and do their legal duty by keeping sidewalks and walkways clear of snow and ice, other people do not. When they fail to properly maintain their property and injury results, they may be liable for the pain, suffering, disability and expenses that victims incur for their injuries. A qualified lawyer can make all the difference in these types of cases.

Slips, Trips And Falls Attorney In Philadelphia

Our Law Firm represents people injured in slip, trip and fall accidents caused by negligent maintenance of pedestrian walkways and common areas.

Icy and snowy conditions are among the leading causes of slip-and-fall accidents.

When we look at winter slip-and-fall accidents, we’re almost always dealing with the answer to a serious question: Could the accident have been foreseen and the injury prevented? More often than not, this involves an assessment of whether the property owner had a specific duty to the injured person to confirm to a standard of care and, if so, whether that duty was carried out.

Most cities and townships in Philadelphia have ordinances requiring individual and business property owners to clear snow and ice from sidewalks to allow pedestrians to safely pass. Property owners generally have a responsibility to keep sidewalks, steps/stairs, walkways and parking lots clear of ice and snow that might cause a pedestrian to be injured in a fall. This duty is greater for commercial properties. Most property owners are expected to shovel or plow snow and to apply salt or sand to icy conditions. Failure to do so may constitute negligence.

Once we have determined there is a duty, we must also gather the facts that will establish liability for your injuries. In general, establishing liability requires a finding that the owner of the property is responsible for your injury either because the owner took the wrong type of action or failed to take any action, and that allowed a dangerous condition to exist.

Establishing that the property owner may be liable does not end the story. The defendants will look at your conduct, or behavior, to determine whether you were acting in a reasonable manner. For instance:

  • Were your reasons for being on the premises legitimate?
  • Were you behaving in a reasonably safe manner and paying attention?
  • Were you doing everything possible to see and avoid the snow and ice?

The law in Philadelphia looks at the duties and responsibilities of both parties — you and the premises owner. Only if your liability is determined to be greater than the property owner will you be unable to recover.

People who slip, fall and injure themselves on snow that was not properly removed from privately owned property may be able to collect compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Our attorneys has handled slip-and-fall claims involving ice and snow for a quarter-century. He is experienced in negotiating aggressively with insurance companies for fair settlements and, if necessary, taking negligent parties to court and obtaining compensation through jury trials.

Slip-and-fall claims are complicated and early investigation is crucial to their successful development. Delay can result in the loss of evidence such as photographs, surveillance footage and other types of evidence that can strengthen your case and help obtain compensation.

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