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How Can a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?

If you have been injured in a car accident, then you need an well experienced lawyer who can help you. When you contact our associates, attorney professional of Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer will make sure to take care of you by sending out an investigator. They will interview you and take photographs of the automobile involved in the auto wreck, and we will gather everything necessary such as witnesses, information from the car crash and any other details that can support your claims.

Accidents can cause a serious injury – or many other injuries. The stress from the pain ultimately adds on with medical bills, causing you to struggle both physically and financially. A car accident lawyer from our Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer can help you recover any money lost during these struggling times after a vehicle accident which can include medical bills, lost wages and any other pain and suffering. Contact your car accident expert at (215) 298-9143 or Submit Your Case Online so an accident lawyer can start on your case right now.

Information About Auto Accidents in Philadelphia:

People often don’t realize that after being involved in an accident that causes a personal injury, they will definitely need an injury lawyer. Remember that having a lawyer by your side doesn’t mean you are filing a lawsuit. This only means that you are protecting your rights, which you should always do, especially when the insurance company refuses to pay for all of your damages. Never sign anything before talking to a car accident professional lawyer so you can get the fair compensation you deserve, not a quick settlement that the insurance company thinks you are owed.

Keep these questions in mind when dealing with a car crash:

  • What is the total of my medical bills?
  • What is the extent of my injuries?
  • Will I need future medical care?
  • Were you hurt on the job?
  • Will you need a new automobile?

Car Accident / Wrongful Death Attorney:

We make sure to handle each case compassionately, especially if these involved the death of a loved one. We understand that these are hard times filled with financial and emotional struggle. Driving on roads in our state should not be dangerous, but unfortunately sometimes an accident can be unavoidable. The worst result of these wrecks is when someone losses their life as a result of another person’s negligence. If you have lost someone dear to you due to an accident, make sure to contact somebody from our firm as soon as you need the help about your accident case. We can help you throughout your case, so you can receive the compensation that you and your family are owed for this pain and suffering. Receive the closure you deserve. Contact a car wreck lawyer from our Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer today at (215) 298-9143 or fill out the FREE case evaluation on our website. We promise to work hard for you and your family, helping you get set on the path to financial and emotional recovery.

Car Accident Law: Questions And Answers

One of the leading causes of injuries in the United States while on the road is a car accident. In fact, there are about 6,500,000 car accidents reported annually, some 3 million individuals reported injured while around 42.500 are reported dead. So, if you fear that one of these days you or a loved one will become involved in a car accident, here are the top questions with corresponding answers covering car accident law.

Question #1 – What must I do if I had a car accident?


I know it’s overwhelming to be involved in a car accident. But, according to an experienced car accident lawyer in Philly, you need to remain cool even at this stressful moment. Among the things that you need to do right away is check if you are seriously injured and immediately call 911 for medical and police assistance.

Question #2 – Shall I move my car on the side of the road?


If your car hasn’t suffered major destruction, drive it to the side of the road to reduce the cause of traffic. If you are severely injured, better wait for the medical team or police to move your car. If you can still manage to get photos of the car accident, then, do so to have evidence. Photos also come very useful in the event you decide to file a car accident case because Philadelphia car accident lawyers would normally ask for proofs like photos of the car accident.

Question #3 – What are vital details should I get from the other driver?


When you are involved in a car accident it’s a standard procedure to ask the other driver’s license, current address, phone number (home and work) and car registration number. You can also ask about the name of his or her employer, insurance provider name and phone number as well as his or her insurance policy number.

Question #4 – Shall I call the police if it’s only a minor car accident?


Police officers don’t make official reports on minor car accidents. If you have been involved in a minor accident, it’s still a wise move to call a police to check on the scene. Be sure you and the other driver exchange contact details including witnesses.

Question #5 – How soon must I consult a legal representative?


If you are seriously injured from a recent Philadelphia car accident or a loved one died due to this incident, you should consult any of the Philadelphia car accident lawyers for legal advice on what to do next. A knowledgeable car accident lawyer is Philly knows the rules that may cover your car accident case, especially when you are already dealing with your insurer or adjuster regarding your compensation claims.

Question #6 – What are the types of losses can I file as compensation claim?


You can be entitled to monetary damages for all the losses you incurred in the car accident like medical expenses, loss of earnings, expenses to repair or replace the car including the emotional damages that you feel (pain, suffering or depression after the death of a loved one).

Question #7 – Do I need to pay Lawyer upfront fee?


Most of the Philadelphia car accident lawyers don’t ask for upfront fees for their legal services. They usually work on a “contingency fee basis” agreement with their clients. This means that the hired lawyer will shoulder or share the fees until a favorable verdict is granted by the court. In the event you lose the case, you don’t have to pay legal fees.