Everything You Should Know About Philadelphia Many Parks

Everything You Should Know About Philadelphia’s Many Parks

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When getting away from the concrete jungle of everyday living isn’t an option, Philadelphia’s parks may be a nice change of pace. There are many parks in Philadelphia, from quiet spots in the city center to sprawling green spaces like Fairmount Park that make you forget you’re in the middle of a central metropolitan region.

Clark Park

The 9-acre park in University City, West Philadelphia, is an integral element of the community, hosting basketball courts, soccer fields, and many other events throughout the year. Check out the events schedule if you want to know when you can see a free outdoor movie, listen to live music, or watch Shakespeare performed in Clark Park this summer.

It Is Wissahickon Park in Philadelphia

A visit to this beautiful sanctuary is a perfect day trip from Philadelphia. A hiker might spend days exploring the forest’s 57 kilometers of paths and 1,800 acres. Learn the ropes on the gravel roads, or challenge yourself with a hike up one of the neighboring mountains.

Construct: A Park For The Sister Towns

Located on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway between City Hall and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, this small but beautiful park is a welcome oasis amid the hustle and bustle of the city.

Children love to run through the splash fountain, the exploration garden, and the tiny pond to cool down on hot days. The area is perfect for picnics due to the abundance of large trees that provide a cool canopy over the sparse grass below.

Park in Dalton

Even though there isn’t much grass at the park next to Municipal Hall, where the mayor and other municipal officials work, a fountain and summer garden draw visitors during the warmer months, and outdoor fitness classes are there. A park is an excellent place to people-watch at any time of year, so get a cup of La Colombe coffee and a dessert from Pressed, situated in the Notary Hotel.

Spruce Street Harbor Park

Spruce Street Harbour Park is on the eastern edge of town, not far from the Delaware River. During the year’s warm months, the Lawn is filled with hammocks and Adirondack chairs, while the Barge Bar, a floating bar, offers cocktails and local attorneys.

Love Park

The two-acre park in the heart of the city, formally named JFK Plaza, is more often known as “The Red Sculpture Park” due to the prominent position of a famous red sculpture by artist Robert Indiana. The plaza now has a new fountain, seating, and the soon-to-open Loveluck restaurant.

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