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Is Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer Beneficial?

Personal injuries can happen anywhere and anytime. If you or your close one has ever suffered personal injuries due to someone else’s wrongful act, it is advisable to seek compensation for your physical and financial loss. For this, you’ll need to hire a personal injury lawyer. When you hire one of the experienced lawyers or attorneys, you are more likely to obtain the maximum possible compensation you deserve.

Let’s have a look at a few benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Helps You Build A case

An experienced personal injury lawyer knows how to build a strong case when you try to receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Your lawyer can investigate your claim and prove that you are entitled to the compensation you ask for. He/she will speak to witnesses, have your medical records analyzed by experts, and estimate the total loss you suffered.

Saves You Time

A lot of paperwork is required for a personal injury claim. It can be time-consuming. A good lawyer or attorney handles all the paperwork involves in a personal injury claim.

Emotional Support

After getting a personal injury, you may feel frustrated and emotional. A great lawyer or attorney will provide you with the emotional support you are looking for. He/she will handle all legal matters and give you peace of mind.

Knows The Value Of Your Claim

It is quite challenging to value a personal injury claim. The average people don’t know how much amount of compensation they can get through a personal injury claim. They are not aware of the legal procedures surrounding a personal injury claim. Your lawyer or attorney can value your claim considering the type of injury you experienced, medical costs, lost wages, loss of companionship, the impact of your injury on your future, and your pain and suffering.

Communicate With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies have dealt with thousands of claims and know how to shape outcomes to their advantage. A professional injury lawyer knows how to deal with insurance companies. They know all aspects of personal injury law and negotiate with the insurance company to provide the compensation you deserve.

No Attorney Fees Unless You Receive Compensation

Another important benefit of hiring a personal injury attorney or lawyer is that you don’t need to pay attorney fees unless you obtain a favorable settlement for your claim.

If you or your loved one has sustained injuries due to someone’s negligent actions, you can file a personal injury claim by choosing a Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer. This will help you receive the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering. Ask for legal support and advice in case of any kind of personal injury caused due to the negligence of others.

Is It Worth Getting A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Injured as a result of someone else’s wrongful act? It is possible to go for a compensation claim by hiring a personal injury lawyer. Accidents involving minor injuries can be handled out of the court. If your injuries are severe, you should seek the advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Is someone else’s negligence lead to your injuries?

The negligence of someone else’s need to be proven to have a valid case for your personal injuries. To determine the fault of another person, the court must examine duty, and breach of duty. A person’s responsibility to act reasonably is the legal requirement called duty. When someone intentionally does something they should not be doing is known as breach of duty. If their actions cause injury to a person, they are considered to be negligent.

You need to show evidence that your injuries were caused due to someone else’s negligent actions. If you were at complete fault for your personal injuries, then you have no right to file a claim. But if you were partially at fault, you can still ask for compensation for your partial damages.

The severity of Your Injuries

Another aspect of a personal injury claim is the severity of the injuries you have sustained. If you have no injures, you don’t have the right to file a personal injury claim. The compensation a victim asks in a personal injury claim includes costs of medical treatment, costs of lost wages, costs of your pain, and suffering.

Going to court to pursue compensation for your loss is a complex process. If you have suffered minor injuries, you may obtain a small amount of compensation for your damages. In this case, you can settle with the insurance company on your own.

Compensation For Your Personal Injuries

If someone else was at fault for the injuries that you have sustained, and those injuries are fatal, you have the right to file a lawsuit. The best thing you can do is to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney and go for the free consultation. It will help you understand their lawsuit process and you can have the right compensation you deserve for your loss. A good personal injury lawyer will represent you in court. Make sure that you hire a lawyer who is experienced and trustworthy.

The majority of people choose to avoid approaching a lawyer because of costs. But few lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. You need to pay some percentage of your settlement only if you win the case. Otherwise, you don’t need to pay anything for your claim.

Sustained a serious personal injury in Philadelphia due to someone’s negligence? Planning to hire a personal injury lawyer? Talk to an experienced Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney and acquire the maximum possible compensation for your pain and suffering.

What Questions Should I Ask An Attorney For A Car Accident?

A lot of car accidents happen in the United States each year. It is advisable to seek the help of a professional attorney after a car accident. Wondering how to hire the right attorney or lawyer to handle your case? You should ask these questions before hiring a car accident attorney.

Are you experienced in car accident law?

Not all lawyers focus on car accident claims. If a lawyer is not experienced in handling car accident cases, it’s better to hire the one who has experience in this. By hiring the right lawyer, you’ll be able to receive the best possible settlement for your claim.

What is your background and education?

It is important to know about the background and education of a lawyer you are going to hire for your case.

Have you handled similar cases in the past?

It’s a good question to ask. You should ask a lawyer if he/she has handled cases similar to yours in the past. As their experience matters, you should choose the lawyer who has experience in handling similar cases.

How will you charge for the case?

The majority of car accident attorneys work on a contingency fee basis means you need to pay only if you win. Attorneys or lawyers who work on a contingency fee usually get paid some share of your total compensation. If you are not able to afford the hourly fees charged by a lawyer, it’s better to go for a contingency fee arrangement.

What additional fees will I be responsible for?

Even if you decide to choose a lawyer who will work on a contingency basis, you’ll be still responsible for court costs incurred by your lawyer. Be sure to ask about the exact costs that you need to pay.

What kind of damages will you claim?

Numerous damages can be caused from car accidents and you can be entitled to all of them. These damages can be lost wages, medical expenses, property damage etc. And non-tangible damages include physical impairment, mental stress, pain, and suffering etc. An experienced attorney can help you obtain compensation for all damages.

Who will be handling the case?

This is a great question to ask an attorney. Many attorneys have a team of experienced lawyers. It is advisable to know which specific lawyer is working on your case so that you can have direct communication with him or her.

How long will it take for the case to settle?

No attorney can tell you the exact time it will take for the case to be resolved. Some cases take a few months and others drag for years. So, it is advisable to ask for the estimated time it will take for your case to be settled.

Met with a serious car accident in Philadelphia due to someone’s negligence? Speak to an experienced Car accident lawyer Philadelphia to get the right compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

What Questions Should You Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you’ve been seriously injured due to the negligent actions of another person, one of the hardest decisions you’ll make is to choose a personal injury lawyer for your legal case. A professional personal injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve for your loss.

Here are a few important questions you can ask a personal injury lawyer:

How long have you been serving in the industry?

When it comes to hiring a personal injury lawyer, it’s a good question to ask. Before hiring a personal injury lawyer, make sure that he or she is dedicated and knowledgeable.

In what areas of law do you specialize?

It is advisable to hire a lawyer who is specialized in personal injury law. The lawyers who are experienced in personal injury law understand the basic tactics used by insurance companies. They also know how to handle complex lawsuit procedures.

Will my case go to trial?

Your lawyer should have the experience to take your case to trial and win. He or she knows how long it will take before your legal case is tried in court.

How does pricing work?

Don’t forget to ask about pricing. In case you forget to ask, the attorney should discuss the pricing with you. You should know what you’ll be paying for before hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Can I get references from past clients?

It’s a good question to ask. If your lawyer is not ready to share references from past clients, you know something is wrong. It is advisable to hire a lawyer who is happy to connect you with a few of their current and past clients.

How long will it take to resolve my case?

No lawyer can tell you an exact timeline when it comes to the resolution of your legal case. With past case experience and knowledge, experienced lawyers may provide you an estimated time frame. The timeline provided by your lawyer may change depending on the procedure.

What do you need from me before my case?

This case is yours. So, it is advisable to play a role in building a successful case. You’ll need to have regular communication with your lawyer about the case.

Sustained a serious personal injury in Philadelphia due to someone’s negligence? Speak to an experienced Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer to get the right compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

Common Causes of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is one of the major problems in the United States. It is actually an act or by a medical professional that diverges from the right medical standard of treatment. Medical mistakes carry distressing consequences. Medical malpractice is the third-leading cause of death in the United States. According to a recent study, approx. 400,000 people die from medical negligence each year.

Few Facts About Medical Malpractice

  • Medical malpractice is one of the major causes of death in the U.S.
  • Paralysis and brain damage are the medical negligence lawsuits with the highest payouts
  • 100,000 deaths happen in the U.S. each year due to medical errors
  • 19,000 medical malpractice cases are filed in this country every year
  • 195,000 patients die as a result of preventable medical errors every year
  • 40% of healthcare professionals had been litigated for medical malpractice
  • Misdiagnosis is one of the common causes of medical negligence
  • Medication errors, medical errors, bedsores, and post-surgical infections are a few common causes of medical malpractice
  • New York, New Jersey, California, and Florida have the highest medical malpractice payouts in the U.S.
  • Finding a genuine medical malpractice lawyer is quite challenging
  • Some medical negligence cases occur as a result of sexual misconduct at hospitals
  • Medical malpractice lawsuits take weeks or months
  • Most of the medical negligence lawyers work on a contingency fee

Common Causes of Medical Negligence

Misdiagnosis – If a doctor or other medical professional fails to diagnose your condition, you’ll face some serious consequences.

Surgical Errors- Errors that occur during surgery can have challenging consequences. More than 6% of patients suffering from surgical errors die each year.

Anesthesia Errors- If a healthcare professional gives you too much or too little anesthesia before performing surgery, it can be really harmful.

Childbirth Injury- This type of injury is caused by human error which causes harm to the newborn baby or mother. Wrongful conception, wrongful birth, injury to mother, and injury to an infant are some of the most common birth injuries.

Medication Errors – If a patient is given the wrong drug or incorrect dosage, it may lead to serious harm to the patient.

Medical malpractice affects the victim’s life. If you or your family member have suffered from medical negligence in Philadelphia, find and hire one of the professional lawyers or attorneys. By hiring a professional Medical Malpractice Lawyer Philadelphia, you’ll receive the right compensation for your pain and suffering.

Everything To Know About Compartment Syndrome

Compartment syndrome is a serious condition that occurs when excessive pressure is built up within and between muscles. This syndrome can be either acute or chronic and can cause severe muscle damage. Common symptoms of Compartment Syndrome include intense pain, numbness, and immobility. Complications may include muscle damage, infection, nerve damage, and kidney failure. This syndrome occurs in the legs, feet, hands, or arms.

Types of Compartment Syndrome

Acute Compartment Syndrome: This is one of the most common types of compartment syndrome and usually occurs after a severe injury that can crush your arms or legs. Such syndrome is considered as a medical emergency and it can cause permanent muscle & nerve damage if not treated properly.

Chronic Compartment Syndrome: This type of syndrome is also known as exertional compartment syndrome. This exercise-induced condition caused by activities which involve vigorous workouts i.e. tennis, swimming, running etc. This type of syndrome is not considered as a medical emergency condition.

Athletes involved in high impact sports, such as football and rugby, are likely to suffer from acute compartment syndrome, while those involved in vigorous workouts, such as running and jumping, are more prone to chronic compartment syndrome.

Symptoms of Acute Compartment Syndrome

  • Extensive pain
  • Severe pain while stretching the muscle
  • A burning sensation in the skin
  • A tight feeling in the muscle
  • Numbness

Causes of Acute Compartment Syndrome

Acute compartment syndrome may be caused by:

  • Trauma
  • Broken bone
  • A badly bruised muscle
  • Severe sprain
  • A bandage that is wrapped too tightly
  • Loss of blood supply due to the use of a tourniquet during surgery
  • Burns
  • Extremely vigorous exercise

Symptoms of Chronic Compartment Syndrome

  • Numbness
  • Swelling in the muscle
  • Cramping pain
  • Weakness in the limb
  • Burning sensation
  • Aching in the affected limbs
  • Difficulty in moving the affected area
  • Paleness in the affected area
  • Tightness when feeling the muscle

Causes of Chronic Compartment Syndrome

  • Running on hard surfaces
  • Use of braces or tape that is too tight
  • Muscle hypertrophy due to vigorous exercises
  • Repetitive stress that causes intra-compartment pressure
  • Venous hypertension
  • A thick band of tissue surrounding a muscle

Acute compartment syndrome requires immediate surgery which involves cutting the fascia and muscle. Chronic compartment syndrome doesn’t need a medical emergency and can be treated with rest and a temporary break from workouts.

Few Health Tips You Should Follow

  • Eat a healthy diet to prevent compartment syndrome
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids
  • Warm-up before starting your workout
  • Stop exercising if you are feeling extreme pain
  • Try doing a variety of activities on different days walking, jogging etc.
  • Talk to your doctor about workouts you want to start
  • Use protective gears

If you have suffered an acute or chronic compartment syndrome due to someone else’s negligence, hire one of the experienced Philadelphia Injury Lawyers or attorneys. A professional lawyer or law firm will help you get the maximum possible compensation for your injury. Get the legal support for your medical malpractice claim and recover fast to get back to your workout mode!


Personal Injury in the United States

There are many different types of personal injuries in the United States. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, truck wreck, motorcycle crash, or any other accident due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to receive compensation for your damages.

Common Types of Personal Injury Accidents

Car Accidents

Car accidents involve accidents between two cars. These personal injury accidents are the most common form of personal injury claim across the United States. The driver that caused the car crash can be responsible for serious injuries and vehicle damage.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents involve the truck driver, the trucking company, the shipping company, the loading company, and manufacturers of truck parts. Truck accidents are on the rise. It is advisable to speak to a leading law firm to obtain the right settlement for your injury.

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice accidents occur when a doctor, nurse, or other health care professional fails to provide the appropriate medical treatment. In such cases, they are responsible for monetary damages for the injuries suffered by the victim.

Dog Bite Cases

If you’re bitten by a dog, the pet’s owner has responsibility for the injuries you suffer. The laws on the owner’s responsibility do vary from state to state. Getting the maximum settlement needs an experienced and knowledgeable attorney or lawyer.

Slip and Fall Cases

Slip and fall cases are other common types of personal injury litigation. In such cases, the property owner will be responsible for maintaining the property acted in negligence. These claims are based on premises liability laws.

Products Liability

Defective products can cause serious injuries at any time and anywhere. Individuals, businesses, or government entities who sold or manufactured a defective product. If you’ve been injured by a dangerous and defective product, identify the responsible parties, and ensure that you obtain the right settlement for your injuries.

Work-Related Injuries

Workplace related injuries in the United States are covered under workers’ compensation. They seek compensation for medical expenses and to cover the time they missed their work.

Wrongful Death

This type of lawsuit occurs when a person has killed due to someone else’s negligence. Most of the wrongful deaths occur due to car crashes, truck wrecks, medical malpractice, workplace-related accidents, and airplane accidents. Wrongful death claims allow the maximum possible compensation for your loss.

Personal Injury Statistics in the United States

  • 6 million car crashes occur annually
  • 5 million personal injuries happen as a result of dog bites
  • 231,991 deaths for personal injury related cases
  • More than 17,000 personal injury accidents happen due to slips and falls
  • More than 50% of personal injury cases involve motorcycle crashes
  • More than 15% of personal injury cases involve medical malpractice

If you have been the victim of any of the types of personal injuries due to someone else’s negligence, contact one of the experienced and dedicated lawyers to receive the maximum possible compensation for your case. A professional personal injury lawyer Philadelphia will help you get the personal injury claim required to recover from the devastation of such cases.