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When Is A Slip And Fall Accident Considered As Personal Injury in Philly?

Slip and Fall Accident

Determining if a slip or fall accident can be already a personal injury case requires the professional advice of an experienced lawyer in Philly. So, how can a person verify if he or she has a legal case after slipping on a wet floor?

When does an accidental slip or fall lead to liability?

There are no specific explanations as to when a person could be held liable for Slip and Fall case in Philadelphia. It depends on the circumstances that led to such accident. Here are some examples for you to have a clearer understanding:

  • For a person to be responsible for an injury, the cause of the slip or fall must be a wet floor without proper signage. The injured person can file a slip and fall case according to an attorney practicing his or her profession in Philly.
  • The owner of the building is aware about broken railings and didn’t take any action to fix it.
  • The person managing the building did the necessary action such as putting the “Wet Floor” signage. 

What is a “reasonable action” to prevent an accident?

A person who is held responsible for the care and maintenance of a property must take seriously this position and do the necessary actions to ensure the entire place is clean, safe, and secured. If the person did the required cleaning and repairs on cracked floors, add signage when the floor is wet or made an effort to check the area if it’s safe, then, if an accident happens like a trip or fall, the question who is really liable will be properly investigated. For example, if despite the warning sign of the wet floor, the person didn’t take this advice and decided to walk on it resulting to his or her fall, then, in this case, the owner of the property won’t be held liable.

Do you really have a case?

If you are really unsure whether your slip and fall accident has a case to file, ask a lawyer in Philly who handled accident or personal injury cases. You can also do some analysis on your own by asking the * following questions:

  • If your slip or fall led to a broken hip and was due to a loose carpet flooring and the owner of the building already knows this issue and had been there unattended for quite some time?
  • Are there other external factors that contributed to the slip and fall accident such as poor lighting in that area?
  • Is there any protective barrier to prevent slips or falls in an accident-prone area?

What’s your next move?

If you strongly feel that you do have a legal claim from the injury inflicted after a bad fall or slip, the next move is to talk to a Slip and Fall Attorney Philadelphia and discuss your problem.

Common injuries that can occur slipping on ice, Find the best Slip and Fall Lawyer

It is an aspect of winter in Philadelphia that few people — if any — look forward to: shoveling snow and scraping ice from sidewalks, driveways and other walkways.

While most people accept this unpleasant part of winter and do their legal duty by keeping sidewalks and walkways clear of snow and ice, other people do not. When they fail to properly maintain their property and injury results, they may be liable for the pain, suffering, disability and expenses that victims incur for their injuries. A qualified lawyer can make all the difference in these types of cases.

Slips, Trips And Falls Attorney In Philadelphia

Our Law Firm represents people injured in slip, trip and fall accidents caused by negligent maintenance of pedestrian walkways and common areas.

Icy and snowy conditions are among the leading causes of slip-and-fall accidents.

When we look at winter slip-and-fall accidents, we’re almost always dealing with the answer to a serious question: Could the accident have been foreseen and the injury prevented? More often than not, this involves an assessment of whether the property owner had a specific duty to the injured person to confirm to a standard of care and, if so, whether that duty was carried out.

Most cities and townships in Philadelphia have ordinances requiring individual and business property owners to clear snow and ice from sidewalks to allow pedestrians to safely pass. Property owners generally have a responsibility to keep sidewalks, steps/stairs, walkways and parking lots clear of ice and snow that might cause a pedestrian to be injured in a fall. This duty is greater for commercial properties. Most property owners are expected to shovel or plow snow and to apply salt or sand to icy conditions. Failure to do so may constitute negligence.

Once we have determined there is a duty, we must also gather the facts that will establish liability for your injuries. In general, establishing liability requires a finding that the owner of the property is responsible for your injury either because the owner took the wrong type of action or failed to take any action, and that allowed a dangerous condition to exist.

Establishing that the property owner may be liable does not end the story. The defendants will look at your conduct, or behavior, to determine whether you were acting in a reasonable manner. For instance:

  • Were your reasons for being on the premises legitimate?
  • Were you behaving in a reasonably safe manner and paying attention?
  • Were you doing everything possible to see and avoid the snow and ice?

The law in Philadelphia looks at the duties and responsibilities of both parties — you and the premises owner. Only if your liability is determined to be greater than the property owner will you be unable to recover.

People who slip, fall and injure themselves on snow that was not properly removed from privately owned property may be able to collect compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Our attorneys has handled slip-and-fall claims involving ice and snow for a quarter-century. He is experienced in negotiating aggressively with insurance companies for fair settlements and, if necessary, taking negligent parties to court and obtaining compensation through jury trials.

Slip-and-fall claims are complicated and early investigation is crucial to their successful development. Delay can result in the loss of evidence such as photographs, surveillance footage and other types of evidence that can strengthen your case and help obtain compensation.

Lear more about Slip and Fall Injuries Lawyers in Philadelphia.

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Find the best Slip and fall accident Lawyers in Philadelphia

Injuries involving ice, snow and negligence

Philadelphia residents are all too familiar with the effects of ice and snow on our highways, and most of us simply accept the prospect of slippery highways and parking lots each winter. Unfortunately, winter also is the season for injuries that result from slips and falls due to snow and ice that has been allowed to accumulate in public areas such as sidewalks, entryways, and parking areas.

Injuries that can occur due to falls

Injuries from slips on ice and falls or car crashes caused by snow and ice during the winter are usually fractures and sprains. While most of these injuries are usually minor and easily treated, there are some fractures that are not always immediately clear:

  • If you slip on ice for example and try to stop your fall with your hands, it can result in a fracture of a small bone near the thumb that called the navicular bone. Fractures of the navicular bone may not show up on x-rays for up to six weeks after a fall.
  • Landing on your elbow can cause a ‘chip fracture’ of an area known as the epicondyle of the humerus (the upper arm bone). Like navicular bone fractures, these injuries are sometimes difficult to detect by x-ray but can lead to long-term problems with the elbow.
  • A fall where you land on your buttocks can result in a compression fracture of the vertebrae in the lower back, which can lead to a lifetime of pain and disability.
  • Injuries from falls due to slipping on snow and ice are preventable if the property owner stays alert and takes measures to prevent their buildup. Since this is not always the case, an injury such as those mentioned here can occur.

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident involving snow and/or ice or another type of slip and fall accident, do not sign any type of insurance claim release until you talk with a personal injury lawyer at the Philadelphia Injury Lawyers. Our seasoned personal injury lawyers have years of experience in managing the personal injury claims arising from snow and ice-related falls and we will work with you to ensure that you receive the compensation for your injury that you deserve.

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Slips, Trips And Falls: Know Your Rights

Accidents like slips, trips and, falls do happen without any warning and before you know it you or a loved one has been a victim of slip, fall or trip. These accidents occur due to some hazards, negligence of the property owner or bad weather condition. For your protection for these unexpected slips, trips and falls, there are a few things that you need to know when it comes to your legal rights and who can be held accountable.


Who can be held liable for your injury resulting to a bad fall, slip or trip? Among the persons in authority that can be held liable for such incident are property owners, landlords including property managers. Why? They have a responsibility in keeping their premises safe and ideal for their occupants as well as visitors. According to a Philadelphia slip and fall attorney, failing to provide a safe or well-maintained environment leaves them fully accountable. Here are a few issues that can be used as evidence of negligence:

  • Poor lighting along the hallway or car park area.
  • Wobbly handrails
  • Unstable railings
  • Uneven sidewalk
  • Loosened carpet flooring
  • No warning signage like “Slipper floor” or “Still Wet”

What to do if you had a bad slip, fall or trip?

If you are a victim of a bad slip, fall or trip, it’s crucial that you do everything to preserve the evidence. If possible, take photos of the accident because the hazards that have caused you slip, fall or trip could be immediately cleared. Don’t forget to report to the right authority the accident like property owner, landlord or property manager or anyone in authority. You can also contact the office of the slip and fall lawyer in Philly if the slip, trip or fall occurred within Philadelphia.

What about compensation?

A victim of a slip or fall accident is entitled to compensation claims that could be in the form of medical expenses, loss of earnings (from the time the accident happened until the period the injured persona can’t report to work), past and future permanent disability (limp, scar, loss of a limb), emotional pain and suffering (depression, anxiety, grief due to death of a loved one), loss of companionship due to serious injury of a loved one, damages to property, physical pain and suffering as well as loss of interest to enjoy the life he or she used to love.

If you really want to protect your legal rights after a horrific incident of a bad fall, slip or trip, consult the Philadelphia slip and fall attorney because this expert is the only one who can give you solid advice on what is the best action to undertake if you have evidence.

Compensation you deserve

As I have mentioned, you must seek the professional advice of a lawyer in Philly if the slip, fall or trip accident happened in Philadelphia or anywhere in Pennsylvania the soonest possible time. Why? This legal expert will help in the investigation process, particularly at the scene of an accident and preserve whatever available evidence deemed necessary and relevant to a slip, fall or trip injury case, then, do the groundwork for you to get the right compensation you or your loved one really deserves.