The Best Things to do in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the most iconic cities in the USA, and there is no shortage of great things to do on it. There is always a hot spot as it happens in most major cities in the country, but there is also a fair share of things you just have to do while you are visiting.

Most people remember Philly because of the film Rocky, and you can still do the run on the 72 old car accident lawyers philadelphiastairs in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. If you rather have a taste of local treats you can chow down a cheesesteak. You can also go the Boathouse Row or visit Independence Hall

If you really want to know what the quintessential Philly experiences are, we will run a brief list on the essential experiences you can have in the “City of Brotherly Love.” Let’s read on!

·     Go to the Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell has used hundreds of years ago to call the Pennsylvania Assembly to meetings in parliament. It would change it’s meaning as a symbol after it was adopted by leaders of social justice causes such as suffragists, abolitionists, and Civil Rights advocates. It remains a symbol of liberty to call over oppressive views. The bell is open to visitors for free and year-round. It still manages to draw people from every corner of the country to take a picture of it now that is encased on solid glass walls that overlook Independence Hall.

·     Eat a Philly Cheesesteak

This meat and cheese sandwich is easily the most famous food in the city. Often referred in various pieces of pop culture such as series and films, these sandwiches are made with thinly sliced pieces of grilled steak and the cheese of your choice. It’s usually served with fried onions on large bread bun. Beware though! The locals have a particular way to order their cheesesteak and vendors are not willing to mollycoddle tourists by giving them special treatment. Just ask for it in this order: cheese selection (usually provolone, Whiz or American) and with or without onions. The favored spots for tourists are the corner of South 9th Street, where longtime rivals Geno’s Steaks and Pat’s King of Steaks are still up and running after some solid 70 plus years.

·     Get a Tour on Independence Hall

Philly is full of historical attractions, but Independence Hall is one of the most relevant spots to visit in your tour list. The monument holds a great deal of significance to the growth of the USA as a country. It was there, in the year 1776, where the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence in the Assembly Room. Eleven years later the representatives of a dozen states gathered in the same place to write the U.S. Constitution. In modern times, the site has earned recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since is the centerpiece of Independence National Historical Park. Guided tours are available all months of the year.

·     Do the Rocky Run

Rocky is a fictional character that is considered a folk hero for local Philadelphians. Those in the Injury Lawyers PhiladelphiaSouth side of the city treat him with reverence and respect as a blue-collar man who rose to prominence on his own merits. Since the movie is considered a piece of cinematic history, the Rocky Statue and steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art are also pieces of Philadelphia history. Make sure to blast the Rocky theme on your earbuds to enjoy the experience for the best!


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